student studying in BU campus housing

Top 5 Reasons to Choose BMFS at BU CAMED

1. Faculty: Students have the opportunity to build professional networks with the faculty of the BMFS program, which is comprised of educators with extensive crime laboratory and forensic casework experience. The faculty helps cultivate a unique approach to forensic science education through exceptional course development and assists with career development.

2. Curriculum

  • Coursework in forensic DNA analysis, forensic chemistry, trace evidence analysis, forensic pathology
  • Classes in expert witness testimony and mock court experience
  • Elective courses available in topics such as biochemistry, molecular biology, histology and statistics
  • Students build proficiencies and professionalism through exposure to seminars, conferences and special events such as “student achievement day”

3. Research: Students have access to state of the art laboratory instrumentation and equipment at Boston University Core Laboratory Research Facilities, a nationally recognized institution for research programs in neuroscience, cancer, and infectious disease.

  • Research at BU medical school is ranked 32nd in the nation according to US News Report for 2023-24
  • Directed study and research in various forensic science disciplines
  • Opportunity for graduate student assistantships and travel awards to professional conferences

4. Professional Success: Students are encouraged to build both scientific knowledge and soft skills (especially communication and collegiality) to become leaders in their fields. Our graduates are motivated, lifelong learners, who are prepared for challenging positions in a competitive and fast-paced global environment.

5. Boston Community: Our medical campus enables shared learning with like-minded students and boasts an active forensic science student organization. Students engage in personal and professional enrichment activities through campus- focused social action initiatives and community organizations. Boston is a college-oriented city and an academic hub, offering rich and diverse cultural, intellectual and recreational experiences for students, and is a walking city with easy access to many historic, cultural and recreational activities.