“We are in the final stages of completing the process for CACREP Accreditation.  We anticipate receiving a final decision this summer.”


We are delighted that you have joined the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program (MHCBM). During the next two years you will complete academic coursework in mental health and behavioral medicine, a range of clinical field work experiences, and will develop an identity as a “clinical mental health counselor.” Counselor Educator faculty and staff in the Program will help guide you through this journey of becoming outstanding clinicians. To this end, the faculty is committed to clinical mental health counselor education and eager to mentor students. Please stop by our offices to say hello, ask for assistance, or just to chat.

The Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program is a two-year Masters of Arts program designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as granted by the Massachusetts Board of Allied Mental Health Professions. We also work closely with students to ensure that they will meet requirements for licensure in states all across the country.

Our graduates have gone one to secure a wide range of positions, such as:

  • Member of a multidisciplinary treatment team in medical settings
  • Consultant to individuals seeking to make health-related lifestyle changes, including smoking
  • Cessation and weight management
  • Member of the mental health staff in school settings
  • Clinician in day treatment and acute care settings
  • Care provider in a forensic setting
  • Member of a multidisciplinary team in a locked unit facility for adolescents and children
  • Substance abuse/methadone counselor
  • Clinician in a day treatment program for adults with serious and persistent mental illness
  • Private practice clinician
  • Member of a clinical research team
  • Provider in an adult dual diagnosis program
  • Clinician in a nursing home setting with geriatric populations
  • Director of a residential eating disorder facility

Students generally complete our program in two years of full-time study. Our curriculum consists of a combination of academic course work and clinical experiences. Students are encouraged to identify topics of interest, and are provided with education and experience related to those interests. They are also exposed to a wide array of patient populations, clinical topics, and career paths.

Students are very well trained in clinical assessment and diagnosis, theory and application, and modalities of care. Our emphasis on behavioral medicine and neuroscience, makes us unlike any other counseling program. Teaching faculty routinely integrate the interface of medical and clinical mental health throughout the curriculum. Because we are housed in a teaching hospital, students have a unique opportunity to avail themselves of research, clinical, and training opportunities available throughout the hospital and are exposed to cutting-edge therapies

Stephen Brady, Ph.D.
Director, MHCBM Program

Meet Our Students

MHCBM students discuss the program

Students were taped in front of the medical school, discussing the program.

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