GMS Spring 2021 Virtual Fair

On March 9th, 2021, BUSM Graduate Medical Sciences held the Spring 2021 Virtual Graduate Fair. Our semesterly Virtual Fair gives participants the opportunity to connect directly with the program directors and administrators of many of our most popular Master’s and Doctoral programs!


Academic Programs:

Anatomy & Neurobiology (previous recording)
Biomedical Forensic Sciences (previous recording)
Biomedical Research Technologies (passcode: 6p#KgX%5)
Clinical Research
Forensic Anthropology
Health Professions Education
Healthcare Emergency Management (previous recording)
Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice
Medical Sciences (MAMS)
Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine (previous recording)
Nutrition & Metabolism
Oral Health Sciences
Pathology & Laboratory Sciences
PhD in Neurosciences (previous recording)
PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS)
Physician Assistant

Additional Sessions:

Student Financial Services
Student Life & Diversity

Virtual Fair Schedule:


        • Welcome // What Program Is Right For You?
          Presented by: Dr. Theresa Davies, Assistant Dean of Masters Programs

          We welcome everyone interested in our various Masters and PhD programs across BUSM’s Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS). Check out this session to get a quick overview of our programs and hear from our Assistant Dean of Masters Programs about how to determine which graduate program is right for you.


        • Biomedical Forensic Sciences
          Presented by: Amy Brodeur, Assistant Program Director
          Adam Hall, Assistant Professor

        The MS Biomedical Forensic Sciences trains students in the basic principles of forensic science with a strong biomedical and chemistry background, providing crucial expertise to forensic investigations. Graduates are prepared to pursue a variety of career options in crime laboratories, medical examiner offices, law enforcement agencies, scientific instrument companies and hospital or biotechnology laboratories. Check out the BMFS Program to learn more!

        • Bioimaging
          Presented by: Dr. Kip Thomas, Program Director
          Patty Jones, Program Administrator

        The MS in Bioimaging is designed to train individuals to fill a rapidly growing need for skilled experts in imaging and allied science and technology. Students benefit from hands-on experience ultimately qualifying them for positions in the healthcare and biomedical instrumentation industries, academia and a wide variety of private and government research centers. Check out the Bioimaging Program to learn more!

        • Oral Health Sciences
          Presented by: Dr. Theresa Davies, Program Director
          Kristin Miller, Program Assistant

        The MS in Oral Health Sciences program is a one-year credential-enhancing pre-dental master’s program. The mission is to prepare students as strong candidates for future admission to dental school Through academic and professional enrichment events, students are supported at all steps towards program completion and dental school admission. Check out the Oral Health Sciences Program to learn more!

        • Clinical Research
          Presented by: Dr. Janice Weinberg, Program Director

        The MS in Clinical Research prepares students to engage in the discovery, development, and application of knowledge as it pertains to all areas of clinical research.  Students demonstrate the ability to design, conduct and analyze research and clinical trials in a variety of healthcare and biomedical settings. Check out the Clinical Research Program to learn more!


                  • Student Life & Diversity
                    Presented by: Farrah Belizaire, Assoc. Dir. of Diversity & Inclusion
                    Kimberly Arena, Assoc. Dir. of Student Affairs
                    GMS Students

                  Hear from current students about life as a Graduate Medical Sciences student here on the BU Medical campus in the South End as well as in greater Boston, a vibrant city rich in history, art, sports, medicine and education. Check out our Student Life information to learn more!

                  • Healthcare Emergency Management
                    Presented by: Dr. Kip Thomas, Program Director
                    Patty Jones, Program Administrator

                  The MS in Healthcare Emergency Management program prepares individuals to work across the spectrum of emergency and crisis management, with an emphasis on events related to the fields of biomedical sciences and healthcare. Check out the Healthcare Emergency Management Program to learn more!

                  • PhD in Neurosciences
                    Presented by: Dr. Shelly Russek, Program Director
                    Dr. Sandi Grasso, Associate Program Director

                  The Graduate Program for Neuroscience (GPN) is a University-wide Ph.D. degree-granting program in neuroscience that includes research and coursework in molecular, cellular, systems, cognitive, behavioral, and computational fields of neuroscience.  Each trainee has the opportunity to  tailor their program to meet specific research and professional goals.


                            • Student Financial Services
                              Presented by: Dennis Murphy, Associate Director, Student Financial Services
                              Jonathan Brett, Associate Director, Student Financial Services

                            Financial Aid for graduate students is just a bit different than for undergrads, especially when it comes to scholarships, loans and more. Learn about your opportunities and ask all of your questions about financial aid. Check out the Financial Aid webpage to learn more!

                                • Pathology Laboratory Sciences
                                  Presented by: Professor Elizabeth Duffy, Program Director

                                  The MS in Pathology Laboratory Sciences program offers a unique blend of comprehensive biomedical science education with pragmatic, hands-on skill acquisition in basic science and laboratory techniques of pathology and related disciplines. Graduates are prepared for future careers in academia, the biotech industry, the pharmaceutical industry, medical school, and PhD programs. Check out the Pathology Laboratory Sciences Program to learn more!
                                  • Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS)
                                    Presented by: Dr. C. James McKnight, Chair, PiBS Admissions Committee
                                    Dr. Barbara Schreiber, Assistant Dean & PiBS Director

                                  PiBS is a PhD umbrella program where students interested in any of 10 different programs enter the PhD program undifferentiated. The first year curriculum – Foundations in Biomedical Sciences (FBS) – gives our students a broad background and a strong foundation in basic biological science. PiBS offers first-year students the opportunity to explore a variety of research areas over the course of three laboratory rotations along with a core curriculum to help determine the direction of their PhD focus. Check out the PiBS Program to learn more!


                                      • Medical Sciences (MAMS)
                                        Presented by: Ying-Ju Lai, Program Administrator
                                        Devin Weaver, MAMS Admissions Counselor

                                      The MS in Medical Sciences program is an SMP that prepares students for a career in medicine by providing an academic environment that fosters integrity, collaboration, professionalism, cultural competence and lifelong learning. Since it began in 1985, it has helped over 2,000 students gain admission to U.S. medical schools. Check out the Medical Sciences (MAMS) Program to learn more!

                                            • Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice
                                              Presented by: Dr. Linda Barnes, Program Director

                                            The MS in Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice prepares students for careers across a wide range of academic and professional fields. The program provides interdisciplinary training that gives a solid foundation in the theory and methods of medical anthropological and qualitative research, in addition to research experience in student’s own area of concentration. Check out the Medical Anthropology Program to learn more!

                                            • Health Professions Education
                                              Presented by: Dr. Jeff Markuns, Program Director

                                            The MS in Health Professions Education program is designed to help doctors, nurses, advanced practice providers, therapists, and a wide range of other health professionals become experts in health professions education. This degree prepares those with years of practical experience to better train and educate the next generation of healthcare providers. Check out the HPE Program to learn more!

                                            • Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine
                                              **Pre-Recorded Ahead**
                                              resented by: Dr. Thom Fields, Assistant Professor

                                            The Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine master’s degree is the only accredited masters program that is housed in a medical school. Our emphasis on behavioral medicine and neuroscience makes us unlike any other counseling program. The two-year intensive program prepares graduates for mental health counseling licensure in Massachusetts and in other states. Check out the MHCBM Program to learn more!


                                              • Anatomy & Neurobiology
                                                Presented by: Selvin Marroquin, Administrative Coordinator

                                              The MS in Anatomy (Vesalius Program) is a rigorous two-year program incorporating coursework in anatomical and neurobiological principles. Graduates are prepared to pursue further studies in the biomedical sciences including teaching, research, and health care. Check out the Anatomy & Neurobiology Program to learn more!

                                                    • Forensic Anthropology
                                                      Presented by: Dr. JT Pokines, Associate Professor
                                                      Gary Reinecke, Assistant Professor

                                                    The MS in Forensic Anthropology trains students to apply the principles of anthropology, anatomy and osteology to establish biological profiles, excavation of remains, criminal casework and other scenarios with unidentified remains and are prepared for positions in state medical examiners offices, government or private crime laboratories, state or federal law enforcement agencies or academic settings. Check out the Forensic Anthropology Program to learn more!

                                                    • Biomedical Research Technologies
                                                      Presented by: Dr. Louis Gerstenfeld, Program Co-Director

                                                    The MS in Biomedical Research Technologies is a one-year program designed to prepare students for careers in biomedical research. The degree equips students with a solid grasp of the principles underlying various research core technologies operations, its relevance to an array of biomedical problems and the technical skills to implement these technologies. Check out the Biomedical Research Technologies Program to learn more!


                                                        • Nutrition & Metabolism
                                                          Presented by: Dr. Jude Deeney, Assistant Professor
                                                          Cassandra Kocek, Program Administrator

                                                        The MS in Nutrition and Metabolism program is an interdisciplinary graduate program with the opportunity for students to carry out focused research in clinical, epidemiologic, or laboratory-based studies. It prepares students for future studies in medicine and dentistry, doctoral-level studies, and careers in scientific research. Check out the Nutrition & Metabolism Program to learn more!

                                                        • Physician Assistant
                                                          Presented by: Dr. Susan White, Program Director
                                                          Michael Smith, Associate Director of Clinical Education

                                                        The Boston University Physician Assistant program provides innovative education to students who will deliver exceptional care for a diverse population of patients, including those from vulnerable communities. We value professionalism and service, and strive to prepare our graduates to practice medicine as an ethical member of a patient-centered, inter-disciplinary health care team.

                                                        • General Q&A Session
                                                          Presented by: Dr. Theresa Davies, Assistant Dean of Masters Programs

                                                        Join us at end of this semester’s Virtual Fair to address any lingering questions you have about Boston University, the upcoming Fall 2021 semester, or GMS’ programming and offices in general. We look forward to connecting with you help answer all your questions!