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Biomedical Research Technologies students

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Boston University Medical Campus


The Master of Science in Biomedical Research Technologies is a new one-year program designed to prepare students for careers in biomedical research. The degree equips students with a solid grasp of the principles underlying various research core technologies operations, and the technical skills to implement biotechnology to solve an array of biomedical research questions.

Program Overview

Application of advanced instrumentation and biotechnology, is at the core of biomedical sciences. Biomedical research cores have developed over the years as centralized expertise to help advance biomedical research. Biological and medical sciences have made great strides owing also to development and application of such technical expertise, whether through proficiency in viewing cells in motion (imaging core), analyzing genes and gene expression (genomics core), or protein profiling (proteomics core), to name a few.

These developments and an increased dependency on technology have created a demand for skilled individuals with the ability to understand and develop new biological technologies to investigate biological problems.

Graduate Outcomes

Boston University’s MS in Biomedical Research Technologies prepares future experts with a solid grasp of the principles underlying research core operation and its relevance to an array of biomedical problems. Students also gain the technical skills to implement these technologies across a variety of disciplines. Graduates are able to apply ongoing and emerging technologies to biomedical research in highly competitive research settings, whether in pharmaceutical industry or academia. The program also provides a foundation for continued education towards PhD and/or MD degrees.

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