Degree Requirements

Candidates for the MS in Biomedical Research Technologies will be required to complete a minimum of 32 graduate credit hours that include completion of either a Capstone Project or a research-based thesis.


Core courses will include theory as well as practicum in research cores relevant to biomedical sciences, such as flow cytometry, imaging, metabolic function or proteomics. Electives are offered in areas related to Science Behind Technology, Business Management, and Clinical/Translational Research.

The MS program requires successful completion of twenty-four classroom-based credits during the Fall and Spring semesters, and eight credits of a Biological Core Technology-Practicum course for a total of 4 semesters and thirty-two credits for graduation. Seven classroom-based courses (total of fifteen credits) and 2-3 elective courses (seven credits) are required. Depending on the core curriculum that the student chooses, students could select electives in areas, such as Science Behind Biotechnology and Clinical Research. Students will be able to complete this program within one year of study.

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Biological Core Technology-Practicum

Biological Core Technology-Practicum is a new graduate course that will be a part of the proposed MS program. The 8-credit course spans three semesters. During the first semester of the practicum (Spring semester), each student will be required to complete 2 research practica, each in a different core technology, each for eight weeks (15 hours per week; total of 4 credits). During the second and third semesters of the practicum (2 summer semesters), each student will complete either a capstone project or a library-based thesis (total of 4 credits), the rationale of which is explained in the application.