M.S. in Oral Health Sciences

  • Credential-enhancing masters program

  • Rigorous, graduate-level curriculum

  • Improve academic preparedness for dental school admission.

  • Stresses academics, professionalism and critical thinking

The M.S. in Oral Health Sciences Program is housed in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences  at Boston University School of Medicine, located in the vibrant city of Boston.

The OHS program, initiated in  2005 has seen tremendous growth and success with more than 80% of its graduates matriculating to US dental schools.

Through DMD and graduate level coursework, students improve their study and test taking skills as well as their ability to not just memorize facts but integrate concepts at a much higher level.  Students have the opportunity to take three of the four courses – Biochemistry, Physiology , Microbiology and Immunology and/or General Pathology  with BU DMD I students.  Additionally students are exposed to Oral Health Promotion, Evidence Based Dentistry, Head and Neck Anatomy, and Infectious Diseases through elective coursework.

The M.S. program is a one-year, 12 month program but is flexible offering a research –based thesis option for those interested in extending their time in the program. Faculty from both the School of Medicine and Dental Medicine serve as teachers and mentors enriching their educational experience while in GMS.

Lastly, Boston is a great place to study.  Boston University Medical Campus is located in Boston’s historic and multicultural South End.   Boston, our “walkable” city, is known for great science fe, academics, sports, the arts as well as music, restaurants and nightlife.  Discovering Boston and all it has to off is another exciting part of being a student in GMS.

MS in Oral Health Sciences brochure 2017-2018

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Theresa A. Davies, Ph.D., 
Director, M.S. in Oral Health Science
BU School of Medicine, L 317 tdavies@bu.edu
617-638-5242 (p) | 617-638-5740 (f)
Francisco J.Patiño, 
Program Administrator