OHS Alums in the News

Jae Kwak, DMD 16, Selected for First Grand Rounds Presentation

OHS Students Travel to Vietnam for APEX Program

Congratulation to OHS alumni in BU Dental student government. 

  • President – Mr. Alex Lopez (DMD19)
  • Vice President – Mr. Matthew Vumback (DMD19)
  • Treasurer – Ms. Eshere Gbarbea (DMD19)

APEX Students Present on Research Projects

Amanda Alon (DMD 18) Named  2015-16 Albert Schweitzer Fellow

Baljeet Khaira (DMD 16) Co-founder of South Asian Student Dental Association (SASDA)

Jae Kwak (DMD 16) received leadership and service award

Andrea Lam (DMD16),  recipient of the Spencer N. Frankl Scholarship

Arielle Curtis ( DMD 16), recipient of the  Omicron Kappa Upsilon William S. Kramer Award of Excellence 

Aaron Mertz ( DMD16)  Publishes Findings on the Perception of Community Water Fluoridation in Social Media and on the Internet

Monica Schmidt (DMD17) and Mike Mayr (DMD16) OHS alums are recognized

Alex Nguyen  ( DMD17) nd Monica Schmidt  (DMD17) are selected to present their APEX Research

GMS Student Spotlight Maria Vasilakos (DMD15)

DMD Class elects Officers

Benjamin Cooperman (DMD 15) receives scholarship

Matthew Garcia DMD (DMD15) receives scholarship

Monica Schmidt (DMD 17) received summer research award

Pardis Koleini (DMD17)  participates in Back to School Jam

Joseph Deschene ( DMD 16)  participates in Countdown to Kindergarten

Aaron Mertz ( DMD 16)  Recipient of the Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Pre-Professional Award

Andrea Lam ( DMD 16) and Aaron Mertz ( DMD16) Officers in AAPHD 2013-14

Jae Kwak ( DMD 16) Presents APEX Research

David Cheng (DMD 16) Helps “Spread the Health”

Ross Linker DMD (16) received NYU’s President’s Service Award