BUSM Art Day 2022 Recap

BUSM celebrated their annual Art Days event with a two day gallery featuring student, staff and faculty submissions of various talent and mediums on February 22 – 23rd, 2022.

The annual event was started by Dean Emeritis Aram Chobanian to support and foster the growth of the creative arts at BUSM. Students, staff and faculty submit art they have created (both recently and from their own collection) to celebrate the artistic talents of our community. In the two day exhibit visitors can see how our community has been able to bring their past experiences, interests, talents and ideas into a common love of science, exploration and development. To read more about the passion behind the work, view the recent BUSM article about Art Days: 2022

Here at GMS we are proud to highlight our community artists and their various talents which you can view in the slideshow below of their 2022 Art Days submissions.