SAS Faculty/Staff Request

BUMC IT uses Internal Service Requests for payment of SAS. In BUworks, under Provider, select “BUMC Information Technology“.

Click here to see how to submit an ISR for BUMC IT services.

After your ISR is submitted a ticket will be created for you which will be used to provide the requested users access to SAS. Please do not submit a separate ticket!

Make sure the provider is “BUMC Information Technology”, if you enter the wrong provider, we will not receive it and it will delay your request!

If you need to submit SAS requests for multiple users, you can download this spreadsheet and attach it to an ISR.

ISRs submitted in July and August will have their payment processed after new SAS licenses are available in late August/early September.

If you have other questions about the ISR payment process contact the Service Desk at 617-358-4540.