Submitting an Internal Service Request to BUMC IT

BUMC IT is currently using ISRs for license requests for only SAS and Freezer Pro. All other requests would need to be made by the IT Help Center. Click here

Please use these instructions to assist you when using an ISR to request and pay for services from the BUMC Information Technology department.

  1. Enter the Provider info

– The Provider info for any requests to BUMC IT should be BUMC Information Technology.

  1. Enter in Requestor/your information

– You will want to enter the contact info for the requester of this service (or your info if the service is being requested by you)

  1. Delivery info

– Use the fields to enter the appropriate day, building, and room for the items you are requesting.

first steps

  1. Notes Field

– We are currently requesting that you use this field to list the information of the user that this license is being purchased for. Please include their full name, BU username, and BUID number. If you are purchasing multiple licenses and do not believe you will have enough space (there is a 255 character limit) please feel free to us the following spread sheet and attach it to the ISR separately.

Download SAS Renewal Form


  1. Cost Objects

– You will now need to enter your Cost Object into the ISR. Your cost object can be cost centers, project work breakdown structure elements, internal orders, and maintenance work orders. You may enter this information either Charge distribution or by using the “cost object” field located to right of your requested items.

-If you would like the charge to go to multiple cost objects you will want to use the charge distribution option and list the cost objects there. You will then need to indicate in the “distribution” field how the total should be divided (example: you enter 50.0 to have the total split 50/50)


  1. Requested items

– Here you will need to list the items your looking to purchase, the quantity, and price of each item. BUMC IT is currently using ISRs for license requests for SAS and Freezer Pro. The prices can be found listed below:

  1. Attachments

– If you are ordering multiple licenses for different users and did not have enough space to list them all in the “Notes” field you will need to upload our spreadsheet with the additional users listed. You will need to use the browse button located in the “attachment” section to choose the file you would like to upload, and choose “attach file”.

  1. Submitting

– If you are submitting a request with attachment please use the “Validate Data Entries” before hitting the submit option.

– If you have no attachments feel free to review your data and hit submit.