Privacy & Security Training

Overview Privacy and Security Training is required by state and federal law.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students
Benefits Online training materials offer convenience, because you don’t have to register or travel to a classroom. Web-based learning is also cost-effective, saving time, money, and paper – it’s available 24/7 from any computer with a network connection.
Key Features
  • Unique privacy and security education – training is offered for a variety of initiatives and needs –academic, administrative, and research.
  • Special requests – we can evaluate and provide training to meet unique situations.
Requirements Some classes are only offered to certain departments, while others are offered to all.
Cost No charge
Getting Started Current training offerings:

  • Terrier eDevelopment:
    • Healthway
    • Student Health Services
    • Data Center
    • HIPAA for Support Units (IS&T, IA&AS, OGC, Risk Management, Compliance Services)
    • Health Plans HIPAA Training
    • CRC Providers HIPAA Training (Danielsen, BU Rehabilitation, SCNC)
  • Blackboard
    • General HIPAA Training for BUSM Genetics Counseling Program, and others
    • BU Clinical Testing Laboratory
    • Business Associates HIPAA Training (BEDAC, GCRU)
    • HIPAA Contacts (responsible for HIPAA compliance at HIPAA Components)
  • Dental:
    • Student HIPAA Training
    • Summer Security Training
    • Faculty and Staff HIPAA Training
  • Citi:

Here are some instructions for adding and removing users, adding users to groups, and quiz completion: Blackboard Guide

For additional training information, please look at Blackboard Instructions from BU Tech Web:

If you have questions, comments, or recommendations on training, please contact We are happy to discuss your training needs and suggest your best approach.