Software Support

Overview BUMC IT fully supports many software applications: we will help you with questions about installing this software, we’ll provide ongoing technical support, and we may document the software locally and/or offer tutorials in its use. We will also provide whatever help we can with software not on our fully supported list.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students
Benefits When you use supported software, BUMC IT staff can easily help you with  questions or problems you may have, or point you in the direction of further support.
Key Features
  • We offer full support for most widely-used software.
  • Our experienced support staff are familiar with common questions and issues that occur with software we support and can usually resolve problems quickly.
  • If required, we can help you obtain more in-depth support.
  • We can also help with software not on our supported list.
Requirements You must have a current BU ID or a BU login to receive software support.
Getting Started