Survey Tools at BUMC

Boston University Medical Campus faculty, staff, and students have access to a variety of survey tools, depending on their needs.

Qualtrics Research Suite

Qualtrics is a general-use survey tool available to all current Boston University faculty, staff, and students.  It is a collaborative web-based tool that allows for advanced analysis and aggregating results.  For more information, visit the Qualtrics Research Suite page at TechWeb.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

REDCap is a survey tool intended for large research studies which can securely manage HIPAA-sensitive data.  It offers advanced management features and is available to BU investigators.  For more information and to request access, please visit CTSI’s tools/software offerings.


OpenClinica is open-source software specifically designed to manage data from clinical trials.  It also has the capability to manage and create case reports and generally aid in study design.  It is available to BU investigators in its free, community version.  For more information, please visit CTSI’s tools/software offerings.