SAS Lite vs. Full

This is still being updated for 2019 so currently inaccurate.

SAS is a complicated software package and the initial download is around 20 gigabytes.

To lower the file size of the final SAS package, BUMC IT removes some unnecessary tools and products, while keeping almost everything else.

The following items are not in SAS 9.4 Lite (TS1M5) as of August 2018:

  • SAS Migration Utility
  • SAS Core Embedded Packages located in the standalone_installs folder
  • SAS Enterprise Guide Independent Installer located in them standalone_installs
  • GfK GeoMarketing CITIES Maps for SAS/GRAPH
  • GfK GeoMarketing WORLD Maps for SAS/GRAPH

All other products provided by SAS to BU are in SAS Lite. SAS Lite zipped comes to 11.3 gigabytes.