New SAS licenses are now available for 2022-2023.

Since 2013, BUMC IT has subsidized the cost of a SAS license (and kept it constant) to allow for a reasonable $50 cost. In the meantime, the amount the SAS company charges the university has increased by about 10%. To reflect the vendor increase while keeping our subsidy to the same level, we will increase our SAS pricing by 10% when renewals begin. The new cost per individual SAS license will be $55. Server licenses prices will also go up by 10%. A small SAS server license will go from $500 to $550, a medium from $1500 to $1650, and a large from $2500 to $2750.

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a very popular statistical package that can be used for data management, report writing, statistical analysis, and graphics. Among its statistical capabilities are descriptive statistics, cross-tabulation, regression, analysis of variance, survival analysis, multivariate techniques, econometric and time series procedures, and operations research techniques. BUMC Information Technology currently has three versions of SAS; 9.1.3, 9.3, and 9.4. View included SAS products in each SAS version. SAS 9.1.3 and 9.3 are available on Windows. Currently, SAS 9.4 is available on Windows 10. For more information about SAS, view the SAS Website.

Our SAS license also includes access to SAS E-Learning. See the SAS E-Learning page for more information (BU login required).

How to:

Information about obtaining:

Basic SAS Requirements:

SAS for Students:

Boston University currently offers SAS at no charge to BU students who are currently enrolled in classes that require SAS (SPH BS 723, BS 805, BS 810, BS 821, BS 830, BS 852, BS 853, BS 854, BS 858, BS 861, or EP 850). You will be required to enter a valid Boston University username and Kerberos password to access the software from Boston University. Please check with your professor as to which version of SAS you should obtain for class. If SAS is required for the completion of your degree, have your adviser submit an IT request.

To renew or obtain a copy of SAS (Students):

Student License terms:

  • No limit to the number of computers that students may install SAS
  • Computer MUST be owned by the student
  • If the computer is owned by BU or BMC, the license must be paid for

SAS for Faculty & Staff

There is an annual $55 fee for all Faculty and Staff that need to obtain a copy of SAS

Faculty & Staff License terms:

  • No limit to the number of computers that Faculty & Staff may install SAS
  • Computers MUST be assigned to that Faculty & Staff or are personally owned by that Faculty & Staff member
  • Shared use and unassigned computers (computers that are used by more than one person) are counted as individual licenses ($55/computer)

To renew or obtain a copy of SAS (Faculty/ Staff):

SAS for Boston Medical Center Staff

There is an annual $110 fee for all BMC staff that need to obtain a copy of SAS. BUMC IT does not accept BMC funds; Payment must be made with a check or BU funds. Please make check out to “Trustees of Boston University” and mail the check to:

801 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 485
Boston, MA 02118-5914

Please note that BMC takes time to process and mail the check (about 1-2 weeks). Once payment is settled, you will be e-mailed a link to download SAS. If you would prefer, you can borrow an install flash drive  from our office (MUST be returned the following business day unless otherwise authorized).

To renew or obtain a copy of SAS (BMC):

IMPORTANT: If you wish to install SAS on a BMC computer, you will need to contact BMC ITS (617-414-4500) (Submit Request) once you download SAS to have it installed.

SAS for Servers

Supported platforms: Windows and Linux Servers (See SAS for supported versions)

Please contact us at the link below for more information on SAS server pricing.

E-mail BUMC IT for further details and information on exist SAS servers at BUMC

Running SAS on a non-Windows Machine

SAS supports several ways of using SAS Studio to provide a basic SAS interface. BU also has a few other resources for using SAS. Please see our page Alternatives to Installing SAS for details.

Mac Users: If you are using a MAC you must have virtualization software with Windows [Students/Faculty/Staff] installed in order to install SAS. BUMC IT suggests the below for virtualization software. Otherwise you should see the Alternatives to Installing SAS for details.