Military-Affiliated & Veteran Students (gMAV)

The gMAV (military-affiliated and veteran students) community network seeks to promote a deeper sense of belonging and recognition for military-affiliated and veteran students by celebrating their multidimensional experiences across the GMS programs.

See article recognizing our gMAV group and veterans at BUMC.

gMAV News

  • Congratulations to Faculty Mentor Dan Tzizik, PA, associate director of didactic education for the Physician Assistant Program. On Aug. 31, 2023, he was selected by the U.S. Army to be promoted to the rank of Colonel, one rank below Brigadier General. This promotion is the culmination of 31 years of service. Please join us in congratulating Prof. Tzizik!
  • Read the new faculty spotlight about Dan Tzizik,  associate director of didactic education for the Physician Assistant Program and  faculty mentor for gMAV who has been a member of the New Hampshire National Guard for over two decades here.
  • We recently highlighted Greg Cello (MS’22), a U.S. Army veteran and a mentor for the C3 Community Catalyst Center gMAV Network. He graduated in May 2022 from the GMS MS in Medical Sciences (MAMS) program. Read more here.
  • Faculty Mentor Dan Tzizik, PA, participated in a two-week-long Innovative Readiness Training mission with the New Hampshire National Guard, where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Read more here

gMAV Resources

Financial Assistance Veterans and Military Benefits
Center for Career Development Veterans Resources
Graduate Student Veteran’s Association
Non-VA Resources for Student Veterans
Student Veterans of America national organization


Veterans Crisis Line

Military Financial Guide to Transitioning to Civilian Life

*This is not a comprehensive list of resources offered at BU and in the Boston community. For more advice or direction to specific resources, please reach out to one of our staff or faculty mentors

Reach out to our Mentors

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