Shaunda Chinn, RT (R) MHA BS

Shaunda Chinn is the Clinical Coordinator of the MBI program. She also work at the world renowned Boston Children’s Hospital as the Radiologic Educator in the Cardiac Cauterization Lab. She has been a technologist for over 14 years and has experience in General radiology, Fluoroscopy, MRI, Interventional Radiology, and Cardiac Catherization. Shaunda spent many years as a Clinical Instructor assisting student general radiographers with obtaining their goal of becoming a radiographer. One of her biggest achievements as the Clinical Instructor was expanding the Radiography program at Boston Medical Center from one school to 3 schools. Having the ability to acquire more students and provide each of these students with beneficial trauma clinical experience would contribute skilled technologist to the field.

It is with true enjoyment to observe individuals evolve as students into employable technologist whether it’s in a clinical tract, industry, and or research.