Student Testimonials

Amanda Harris, M.S., Class of 2023

“The bioimaging program at BU is truly the best in the country. I was surrounded by a cohort of other graduate students more diverse than I could have imagined. This program was perfect for someone like me who, while not having a background in STEM, was prepared for a graduate program with academic rigor. One of the many attributes of BU’s bioimaging program is its impressive faculty and the incredible support they provide to students. Attending the program has been like a launching pad allowing me to become a strong Ph.D. applicant, and it is the most pivotal investment I have ever made.” 

Renae Maes, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2023

“This program was an amazing experience that taught me so much! I enjoyed all of the courses and the small class sizes allowed me to ensure that I succeeded and fully understood each topic. The directors, faculty, and staff were all supportive and they allowed me to reach my full potential and goals. As a current MRI Technologist, I am very grateful for all this program taught me and allowing me to excel in my career.”

Kayla Szefel, M.S., Class of 2022

“The Bioimaging program was absolutely amazing to be a part of. The faculty is so amazing to work with. They are all so knowledgeable and friendly. They are always willing to help with anything you have questions about. They check in on their students which is something that you don’t typically experience in college let alone a graduate program. They just want to see their students be successful. This program has provided me with so many opportunities after graduation. I would recommend this program to anyone. If I had the opportunity to do it again I would not change a single thing!” 

Bryan Nju-Ghong, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2022

“The MBI program has challenged me to be a better critical thinker. Whether you are working on your practicum or thesis there are professors who will always push you to think deeper and find new ways of developing your thought. I benefited from the constant edits they offered. Having to go back and work on those comments helped me formulate new ways of thinking about the subject matter. I enjoyed my time at the MBI program.”

Adam Hegazy, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2022

“The Bioimaging program’s curriculum was comprehensive and engaging, which introduced me to the vast ocean of the imaging field. My professors were not only knowledgeable but also extremely supportive and were always ready to assist and guide me through challenging concepts. The clinical internship provided me with the skills necessary to operate an MRI scanner and allowed me to develop skills that are necessary for providing patients with the care they deserve. Throughout my time in the program, I was amazed at how much I learned and how it fueled my passion in research and formulating the right questions.”

Madisen Wicker, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2021

“I was first introduced to Boston University’s vast selection of master’s programs while working with a BU medical student during an internship in the Summer of 2017. I was entering my senior year as an undergraduate student and I was confident in what I wanted to do, however, I was unsure of the path that I should take to reach my goals. I wanted a program that would enhance my future career in medicine. I looked over the various programs offered at other schools before I found the Master of Science in Bioimaging program at BU. Growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, I had always been attracted to the excitement and opportunity that the city of Boston offers. After researching my options and visiting campus, I quickly recognized that I had found my new home. Since my first day, I have experienced endless moments for personal and professional growth beyond my expectations. Through my studies and the research that Dr. Kevin Thomas has invited me to contribute to, I have learned an incredible amount about data analysis and advancements in medical imaging. As a mentor and professor, Dr. Thomas has continually encouraged and challenged me to go above and beyond in my personal quest of attaining both academic and professional success. After graduating from BU, I passed my ARRT exam in MRI and continued my research journey. I plan to further my education with an advanced medical degree.  With the prestige, reputation, international recognition, abundance of resources, and countless alumni connections that come with attainment of a BU degree, I am excited for my future as I continue to build my career in the field of medicine.”

Katie Hyson, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2020

“The Master in Bioimaging program allowed me to pivot career paths after my undergraduate education into a clinical setting I was better suited for. I am so thankful for the part-time option which gave me the flexibility to continue working alongside my classes. The program staff works hard to get to know each student individually and provide them a personalized experience that aligns with their goals.”

Andrew Long, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), MRSO (MRSCTM), Class of 2019

“In today’s medicine, there is an increased demand for a minimal interventional approach when diagnosing patients. The bioimaging program at Boston University has introduced me to an accelerated avenue into this rapidly expanding niche segment of modern medicine. The curriculum is challenging and manifold. Whether your target is to continue in academia, to participate in industry, or becoming a medical imaging professional, this program will help you in achieving your goal. I graduated from the MBI program winter of 2019, everything I learned during my time there has proven to be invaluable, as well as everyone that I had the pleasure to know and call friends. All of these have propelled me to new heights in my carrier, and for that, I am grateful and thankful for everything that the program has provided me.”

Nexhat Mucka, M.S., R.T. (MR)(ARRT), Class of 2021

“I have great news for you and the MBI staff. Im proud to announce that
less than 2 years after graduating from the MBI program that I have become the MRI Clinical Coordinator for Yale-New Haven Health in New London, Connecticut! I am managing 3 sites. They are Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, the Pequot Health Center, and Crossroads Imaging Center. I am probably the youngest healthcare manager in the history of
Yale-New Haven Health since I’m only 25 but I’m not sure if that can officially be confirmed by HR. Nonetheless I’m proud of myself and I’m very thankful for the MBI program helping open so many doors for me.

My rotations through many different Shields sites helped me learn from many different techs as well as see what worked and didn’t work from the different chief techs. That enabled me to hit the ground running once I started at Shields.

Once I moved back to Connecticut those experiences allowed me to become the tech who scanned the most patients and consistently had the best patient satisfaction scores. My knowledge I gained from the MBI program helped me impress management, the radiologists, and the providers. I was able to get them to like me and excel in my many interviews. I had to go through 7 interviews to get the position and I was able to do well in all of them. In addition, having a Masters from
BU definitely helped move my application to the top of the pile and helped make up for me only having two years of MRI experience. I’m thankful for all that I learned and the doors the program opened for me. I’m confident now that I can use this time as healthcare manager to write stronger essays for medical school as well as secure even better letters of rec from my superiors and chief radiologists. It’s a big stepping stone and I’m thankful for everything.”