Madisen Wicker, MS, RT (MR)(ARRT)

Madisen Wicker is the Assistant Director for the MS in Bioimaging Program in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. Maddie completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Siena College and her master’s degree in Bioimaging at Boston University. Maddie has 5 years of research experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Research Technician in the Laboratory for Human Neurobiology at Boston University.

Maddie teaches in four courses in the Bioimaging Program: Bioimaging Foundations (IM600), Clinical Internship I and II (IM791/IM792), and Bioimaging Practicum (IM650).  She is an academic advisor in the program, guiding each student on their practicum and thesis from their first day in orientation until graduation. Maddie has successfully completed over 25 major mentoring activities for students in the program since starting the role in 2021.