NOTE: SUMMER 2018 registration opens FEBRUARY 22, 2018

NOTE: FALL 2018 registration opens on APRIL 8, 2018

Spring 2018 Registration Email

Fall 2017 Registration Email

  • All Students are required to register as a (continuing study) each semester until completion of all Degree Requirements including submission of thesis.
  • Students completing degree requirements in one year, must register for four semesters. (fall, spring, Sum I & Sum II).
  • BT courses or Undergraduate courses are not graduate level courses and will not count towards a graduate degree.
  • Students may NOT register for or audit courses in other colleges at the University, this excludes PhD Students.  Permission required for SPH Courses.
  • Students may only take up to two semesters of Leave of Absence.
  • Students must submit a diploma application by the deadline in order to be eligible for graduation or allowed to attend the May Commencement.
  • Compliance: All students must meet the following compliance requirements BU Alert System, Medical Immunization Status, Student Account Payment, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law and Local Address.
  • Academic Advising Access: Prior to registering for classes, students must meet with their Advisor/Program Director to discuss course selection and to obtain the required Academic Advising Access code for on-line registration.  Some GMS courses are restricted from on-line registration.  For these courses, students must submit a Class Adjustment Form (add/drop).
  • Financial Aid and Awards: Financial Aid, Fellowships, Scholarships and Deadlines: Students making any class adjustments to their spring semester schedule will be responsible for notifying the program administrator & Ms. Ashe for any scholarship adjustment needed.  If a student has been awarded a fellowship, please bring in a copy of the award or award renewal to Ms. Ashe at the GMS office, as soon as possible in order to establish the student’s financial aid awards.
  • Payment & Payment Deadlines: All students must be registered and settle their accounts by the date posted.  Payments should be made to Boston University and can be sent to Student Accounting Services, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. Payment options for degree candidates are available at  Student Accounting Services. All students are expected to use the Student Account Inquiry function on the Student Link to check the balance due on their student account.
  • Dropping Classes: Dropping a course indicates that you are still enrolled in one or more courses at Boston University. Students may drop standard courses online using the Student Link or with a paper add/drop form following approval by advisor without academic penalty up to the designated drop deadline. Students who receive federal financial aid must be sure that they maintain the correct number of credits to be eligible for this aid.
  • Student should recheck their account as they add and drop classes after the payment deadline as there may be financial and compliance ramifications. Students must also contact the GMS Registrar’s Office to have their certification code corrected if they change from part‐time (0‐11 credits) to full‐time (12‐18 credits) status or vice versa at any point during the registration or drop period.

Summer I: May 22-June 29, 2018 | Summer II: July 2 -August 10, 2018

Please check the Calendar and Important Dates for the registration calendar and other pertinent deadlines.

  • All students must register online via the Student Link after meeting with their advisor before registering for classes.
  • Students completing their program must register for the semester they will be completing their degree requirements and submit a diploma application.
  • Continuing students full-time status completing degree requirements in the Summer, should submit the  Certified Full-Time (CFT) form.
  • Diploma applications are due Oct, Jan and June for January, May and September graduation, respectively.

Registration, Dissertation, Thesis, Capstone, Program Completion Forms

  • Meet with your Program Director/Advisor to discuss course selection and obtain your Academic Advising Access code
  • Register for courses online through Student Link with your BU login name, Kerberos password and Academic Advising Access code
  • Submit a Certified Full Time (CFT) Form, if applicable (For specific details please see the GMS Policies and Procedures )
  • After registration is complete, verify your schedule on Student Link as well as on Blackboard.
  • Contact Student Accounts in order to settle your account balance.
  • For incorrect tuition billing, contact the GMS Registrar

 Leave of Absence

  • Normally, students must register for each regular (i.e. fall/spring) semester until completion of all degree requirements. Upon written petition to the Associate Provost for GMS and for appropriate cause, a student is allowed up to a total of two (2) semesters of leaves [or for a total of one (1) academic year] of absence throughout degree completion without the necessity of reapplication and/or readmission.
  • Leaves of absence beyond two (2) semesters are granted only in exceptional cases, such as a substantiated illness, maternity or paternity leave, or military service. The student should petition to the Associate Provost of GMS with the approval of the program director.

Procedure for requests for a leave of absence is:

  •  The student should meet with their advisor and program director for approval.
  • Submit a written request explaining the reason for leave of absence along with the required forms, including the program director’s signature, to the GMS Registrar.
  • May be asked to meet with the Associate Provost.If approved, a request for a leave of absence is effective on the day the written request is received by the GMS Registrar.
  • A certificate of authorized leave of absence is issued and a copy is included in the student’s record. For a student who files for a leave of absence from the University before classes start, charges for tuition and fees are canceled in accordance with the University’s published refund schedule.
  • A student who is on a leave of absence and who has borrowed federal and/or private loans may be required to begin repayment while on leave. The period of an authorized leave of absence is counted as a part of the total time allowed for completion of the degree requirements. Students may not complete any degree requirements in a semester for which they have been granted a leave of absence.
  • All PhD students requesting a Leave of Absence from GMS should meet with the Associate Provost, Dr. Linda Hyman. Please contact Kimberly Arena at 617-638-5138 or to schedule an appointment.

Leaves of Absence for Medical Reasons

  • Sometimes a student may need to interrupt his or her studies for medical reasons. A student requesting a leave of absence for medical reasons must submit a letter from their clinician, or s/hemust be seen (or have the records reviewed) by Student Health Services or its designee. GMS reserves the right to require an involuntary medical leave of absence if it is determined that a student’s continued enrollment would create a significant risk to the health and safety of the student or others.
  • A student seeking to re-enroll after a medical leave of absence must demonstrate to GMS that the student’s health permits the successful completion of studies. Documentation needed to support this finding will be determined by Student Health Services or its designee, but will generally include information from the student’s clinician as well as an assessment by Student Health Services or its designee. The decision whether to permit a student to re-enroll is within the sole discretion of GMS.


A student who wishes to withdraw from the University must follow the below procedures:

  •  Meet with their advisor and program director for approval.
  • Submit a written request explaining the reason for withdrawal along with the required forms, including the program director’s signature, to the GMS Registrar.
  • May be asked to meet with the Associate Provost.
  • If approved, a withdrawal is effective on the day it is received by the GMS Registrar and charges are canceled in accordance with the University’s published refund schedule, based on the effective date of the student’s withdrawal.
  • Absence from class does not reduce financial obligations or guarantee that final grades will not be recorded. Please follow the refund calendar for key dates.
  • All PhD students requesting a withdrawal from GMS should meet with the Associate Provost, Dr. Linda Hyman. Please contact Kimberly Arena at 617-638-5138 or to schedule an appointment.


A student who has voluntarily withdrawn from GMS will be subject to the regulations governing readmission to a Degree Program under section 12.2. For additional details please see the GMS Policies and Procedures.