Meet the Staff

The Division of Graduate Medical Science’s administration is an indispensable part of the GMS community. Come in to the office and get to know them.  For location and directions.

Linda E. Hyman, Ph.D.

Linda E. Hyman, Ph.D.

Associate Provost

Room L-317 (please contact  Kayleigh Klegraefe by email or  phone at 617-638-5138617-638-5138 for appointments)

Dr. Linda Hyman assumed the position of Associate Provost for the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences in 2009.  She formerly served as Vice Provost for Health Science at Montana State University and Director of the WWAMI Medical Education Program.  There, she also acted as Assistant Dean for Regional Affairs at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  An accomplished and active scientist with expertise in molecular genetics, Dr. Hyman holds the appointment of Professor of Microbiology at GMS. MORE

Meet My Staff

    Mildred Agosto
    Mildred Agosto Registrar
    Ashe_Sherill-2-5x3-5 (2)
    Sherill Ashe Financial Aid Administrator
    Theresa A. Davies, Ph.D. Director, M.S. Oral Health Sciences Program, Faculty Advisor, M.A. in Medical Sciences Program, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

    Gartland, Amy-cropped






    Amy Gartland, Administrative Assistant

    Michelle Hall
    Michelle Hall Associate Director for Admission
    Natasha Hall
    Natasha Easter Admissions Assistant
    Kayleigh Klegraefe Marketing & Communications Specialist

    Yolanta 150

    Yolanta Kovalko Administrative Manager, Post-doctoral Affairs

    Gerard Lavoie
    Gerard Lavoie Business Affairs Manager

    William J. Mara  Administrative Coordinator; M.D./Ph.D & Ph.D Programs
    Gwynneth D. Offner, Ph.D.
    Gwynneth D. Offner, Ph.D. Director, M.A. Medical Sciences Program, Associate Professor of Medicine
    Hee-Young Park, Ph.D.
    Hee-Young Park, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, GMS and Chair, Department of Medical Sciences and Education
    Puleo, Dianna
    Dianna Puleo Assistant Registrar
    John Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D.
    John Schwartz, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Director, M.D./Ph.D. Program

    Stultz, Dan

    Dan Stultz, Training Program Coordinator

    Wallace, Lynese
    Lynese Wallace Administrative Coordinator, MAMS and STaRS programs