TTPAS Course Requirements

Every TTPAS fellow will be required to take the course in Addiction Science (GMS710). In addition, students will take one or more elective courses in the complementary discipline in accordance with their individual development plan and recommendations of the TTPAS co-directors.

Basic Science Courses

  • Behavioral Neuroscience Program courses in disorders of the CNS (GMS BN 891 & 892)
  • Neuroimaging (GMS BN 821)
  • Structure and Function of the Genome (GMS FC 702)
  • Molecular Metabolism (GMS FC 706),
  • Translational Genomics (GMS FC 707);
  • Genetics &  Epidemiology of Disease ( GMS MM701)
  • Pharmacology (GMS PM 730)
  • Neuroscience (GMS NE 101)
  • Behavioral Pharmacology (GMS PM 832).
  • Case Studies: Neurobehavioral Considerations In Addictions And Neurotoxicology (GMS BN 891 A1)
  • The Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (CAS PS 881)

Population / Quantitative Sciences Courses

  • Biostatistics (SPH BS 703)
  • Epidemiology (SPH EP 713)
  • Pharmacoepidemiology (SPH EP 745),
  • Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS (SPH EP 764),
  • Drug Epidemiology (SPH EP 830),
  • Statistical Genetics (SPH BS 858 and BS 860),
  • Applied Genetic Analysis (SPH EB 859),
  • Genetic Epidemiology (SPH EP 763),
  • Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (SPH BS 722).

Course selection will rely on the trainee’s IDP (individual development plan)  and advice from the co-directors and co-mentors.

The Addiction course syllabus can be found here: Course Syllabus 2023