Service Learning Internship

Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice Mural

MACCP students engage in a service-learning internship throughout their first academic year. Engagement in the internship supports our program’s commitment to community-based, participatory research. The primary purpose of this internship is to:

  • Involve students in a service-learning experience that will afford them the chance to learn about, and give back to, the larger community/ies surrounding the medical campus and Boston University.
  • Create an opportunity to identify, explore, and establish a potential field-site(s) and/or community-based partnership(s) for ongoing participant-observation and later data collection.

Students who have participated in an internship preceding formal data collection in other master’s programs describe the internship component as a particularly valuable aspect of their anthropological and health research training. This part of our program is undoubtedly one of the most valuable parts of the training students receive.