Program Policies and Procedures

Here are links to the policies and procedures for both GMS and the MACCP program. These govern students not only in the Division, but also in the program. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these regulations.

1. GMS Policies and Procedures

The Academic Policies and Procedures of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), as well as the GMS Academic Conduct Code, govern all graduate students in the Division. The full text these documents can be found here.

2. MACCP Disciplinary Policies

The specific requirements and disciplinary policies of the MS Program in Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice (MACCP) supplement policies and procedures of Graduate Medical Sciences. Each student is fully responsible for becoming familiar with the policies and procedures of both the larger Division and of his or her specific program. Lack of familiarity will not be an acceptable excuse for failure to comply with these requirements. Here is the link to the MACCP Disciplinary Policies (9-22-2015).


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