MACCP Admissions Criteria

Boston University Campus

Application Timeline

The Masters Program in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice has a rolling admission process and there are no deadlines. In general, the Admissions Committee reaches its decision and notifies an applicant within about a month of receiving the completed application (including fully filled out form, test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing sample, personal statement, CV,  application fee, etc.).

For applicants who anticipate relocating from outside of the Boston area, we encourage you to submit your completed application no later than June 15 to allow yourself time to make living arrangements and to apply for student loans if needed. If you are already living in Boston, we encourage you to get your full application in no later than July 15.

Expected Applicant Background

This two-year graduate program is designed for highly motivated students who are planning academic careers in anthropology, and who are preparing for positions in clinical and other health-related settings. We accept applicants from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, such as the social sciences (including but not limited to anthropology), the humanities (including but not limited to religious studies or history) and from health fields such as medicine, nursing, public health, social work or counseling. Fellowship programs at BUSM may offer the program as an option to their Fellows.

We find that our students fall in one of two categories:

  • The first includes individuals planning to apply medical anthropology to careers and practice in health-related fields. In some cases, students may also be interested in pursuing “non-traditional” positions in clinical or other health-related settings. The program will provide each group with pertinent training in theory, methods, field experience, and related skills. Students are expected to show considerable initiative in working with their advisers to design the specifics of their own programs.
  • The second includes students planning to pursue doctoral-level studies in medical anthropology in order to seek professional careers in teaching, research, practice and the application of medical anthropology to formulating and addressing both theoretical and applied problems.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of medical anthropology as a field, the intellectual value of dialogue between anthropology students and persons trained in the health sciences is one of the program’s strengths. It is assumed that the emphasis on applying anthropological research and knowledge to contemporary issues and problems will foster a rich exchange, broadening the perspectives of the different participants.

Required Application Credentials

Note: Please read the following closely, as our admissions requirements have recently changed, in light of our decision to waive having to take the Graduate Record Examinations.

All students interested in applying to the MACCP program are expected to have completed their baccalaureate degree from an accredited college. Applicants must submit all of the following completed materials to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences:

    • Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which must be from faculty;
    • Academic transcripts from all previous schools, including the date your degree was awarded;
    • Personal statement letter of at least 500 words describing your qualifications and objectives in applying to this program. Please include research activities and membership in related organizations if applicable;
    • A writing sample;
    • An interview, in person or by Skype.

    We pay particular attention to your personal statement—especially the clarity with which you articulate how you want to focus your work while in the program. We look for a focused area of research interest. What experience have you built up with the topic or group you want to work with? Have you volunteered, interned and/or worked in settings with cultural groups other than your own?

    We are not looking for something as specific as a thesis topic, but we do need to know how well your research interests match our strengths. For example, we look at whether your specific interests are a good fit for our program, our faculty and other resources at Boston University. Who would you choose as a faculty advisor, and why? What aspects of our program will help you to achieve your research and career goal? And last, but not least, do you like to color outside the lines?

    We strongly encourage you to contact at least one of our faculty to discuss your interest in the program and to ask questions about the work you hope to do.

    Applicants from countries where English is not the language of instruction:

    International applicants must achieve a score of 600 or above on the TOEFL and complete the International Student Data Form (ISDF). Students must also demonstrate interest in the field of Medical Anthropology. Research experience is a plus.

    How to Apply:

    Review application instructions and relevant deadlines. All applications must be submitted online.