Year 1

The first year of study focuses primarily on coursework in general genetics and counseling skills. Clinical, laboratory, research, and advocacy experiences complement the didactic curriculum.  In addition, students select a Capstone Project topic and begin their research during the second semester.

Semester 1

Semester 2

GMS GC 601 – Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling, cont.
GMS GC 607 – Genetic Counseling Seminar (continued)

Summer I

GMS GC 702S – Genetic Counseling Fieldwork II (2 credits)

Year 2

The second year of study focuses on clinical experience and research project development. The coursework covers more advanced topics in medical genetics, professional issues and genetic counseling sub-specialties. The number of required credits decreases the second year to allow students adequate time to complete their research projects, acquire a robust array of fieldwork experiences and begin interviews for job placement.

Semester 3

GMS GC 606 – Genetic Counseling Seminar (continued)
GMS GC 703 – Genetic Counseling Fieldwork III (2 credits)

Semester 4

GMS GC 607 – Genetic Counseling Seminar (continued)
GMS GC 704 – Genetic Counseling Fieldwork IV (2 credits)
GMS GC 711 – Advanced Genetic Counseling, cont.

In addition, students must take:

  • One BU graduate-level course in research design, research methodology and/or statistical analysis
  • One BU graduate level course in counseling, public health and/or education

Together, these two courses should be ≥ 5 credits, for a minimum of 48 total credits.  Students are also welcome to take elective courses throughout BUMC that align with their personal interests and professional goals.

Fieldwork and a Capstone Project are also required to fulfill degree requirements.