Capstone Project

Each student completes their graduate training with the presentation of a Capstone Project.  The purpose of the Capstone Project is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the field of genetic counseling.  This individualized scholarly work may consist of a detailed case study and literature review, a clinical or laboratory research project or a clinical application (such as developing clinical practice tools or professional educational programs or creating informational material to benefit individuals and families with genetic disorders).  Students should pick a project that piques their interest and passions, as well as contribute to the knowledge and/or practice of genetic counseling.

Students select a topic of study approved by the Executive Capstone Committee during the spring semester of the first year.  During the intervening summer students submit their proposals for IRB approval. The projects are executed during the second year of study.  Genetic Counseling Research Seminars are provided throughout GMS GC601 Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling and GMS GC711 Advanced Genetic Counseling.  Each Capstone Project is completed under the guidance of a Capstone Project Committee, which consists of a Project Advisor and a Project Reader, both of whom may be chosen from the primary or adjunct faculty.  Each project culminates in a formal paper and an oral presentation to the department and invited guests.  The paper should be of publishable quality, and each student is expected to present and/or publish their findings.

Previously Completed Capstone Projects