TTPAS Faculty and Departmental Affiliation

There are many major research programs at BU that provide excellent opportunities for TTPAS students to develop interdisciplinary dissertation projects in addiction.  BU faculty investigators currently bring in over $52.6 million from approximately 105 funded addiction-related research projects.

Included below are the faculty participating in TTPAS.

Abbreviations are as follows:  MED = School of Medicine, SPH = School of Public Health, CAS = College of Arts and Sciences.

* Indicates faculty serving as research mentors

*Sara Bachman
SPH – Social Research; Social Work & Public Health

*M. Oscar Berman
MED – Graduate Instruction; Behavioral Neuroscience

Edward Bernstein
MED – Emergency Medicine and Community Health Sciences

*Judith Bernstein
SPH – Emergency Medicine and Community Health Sciences

Deborah Bowen
SPH – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Camron Bryant
MED – Pharmacology and Psychiatry

*James Burgess
SPH – Health Law, Policy and Management

Christine Cheng
CAS – Biology

Dominic Ciraulo
MED – Psychiatry

*Pietro Cottone
MED – Pharmacology & Exp. Therapeutic

*David Farb
MED – Pharmacology & Exp. Therapeutic

*Lindsay Farrer
MED – Biomedical Genetics

*Timoty Heeren
SPH – Biostatistics and Epidemiology

*Roberth Horsburgh
SPH – Epidemiology

*Kathleen Kantak
MED – Psychology & Brain Sciences

*Gary Kaplan
MED – Psychiatry

*Terence Keane
MED – Psychiatry

*Clifford Knapp
MED – Psychiatry

*Kimberly Leite-Morris
MED – Psychiatry