1. Can I complete the MSCI program in 1 year and what are the requirements for admission?
  2. Is it possible to complete the practicum and thesis after I finish the 32-credit course requirement?
  3. How many credits must part-time students register for each semester?
  4. I completed a course required in Boston University’s MSCI program at another institution. Do I need to take it again?
  5. How many courses can a student take at the School of Public Health or another Boston University Department that will count towards the MSCI program?
  6. Can I use my practicum as credits toward the 32 credits necessary to complete my degree?
  7. If a student registers for directed study or practicum would it count toward the 8 course requirement?
  8. Is there a dual MSCI/MPH program?
  9. What are the career paths for MSCI graduates?
  10. I work full-time. When are your courses offered?
  11. I have specific research interests. Can I tailor the MSCI program toward these interests?
  12. I would like to learn more about the field of clinical investigation and career opportunities in this area? What do you suggest?
  13. Am I eligible to take a certification exam after completion of the MSCI program?