Joining the Evans Center/Find a Faculty Member


All DOM researchers are members of the Evans Center. Faculty from other departments and schools at BU are invited to join the center at their discretion. Please contact the Center’s Administrative Office for a brief application form.

Membership at the Evans Center allows immediate access to ongoing research activities and developments, such as databases, new method development, participation in ARC discussions etc. Membership does not guarantee affiliation with funded-Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARCs). See The ARCs for further details.

Current faculty membership

Abraham, Carmela, PhD – cabraham@bu.eduWebsite
Adams, William, MD – badams@bu.eduWebsite
Ai, Xingbin, PhD – aix@bu.eduWebsite
Albrecht, Kenneth, PhD – kha@bu.eduWebsite
Allen, Karen, PhD – drkallen@bu.eduWebsite
Amar, Salomon, DDS, PhD – samar@bu.eduWebsite
Andry, Christopher, MPhil, PhD – andryc@bu.eduWebsite
Apovian, Caroline, MD – Caroline.Apovian@bmc.orgWebsite
Aprahamian, Tamar, PhD – Website
Ash, Arlene, PhD – Website
Au, Rhoda, PhD – rhodaau@bu.eduWebsite
Avissar, Uri, MD – uravissa@bu.eduWebsite
Bachman, Eric, MD – Website
Bachschmid, Markus, MD – bach@bu.eduWebsite
Bais, Manish, PhD – bmanis@bu.eduWebsite
Baker, Kristin, PhD – krbaker@bu.eduWebsite
Baldwin, Clinton, PhD – cbaldwin@bu.eduWebsite
Bansil, Rama, PhD – rb@physics.bu.eduWebsite
Barbone, Paul, PhD – barbone@bu.eduWebsite
Barlow, David, PhD – dhbarlow@bu.eduWebsite
Bastie, Claire –
Battaglia, Tracy, MD – tracy.battaglia@bmc.orgWebsite
Beck, Laurence H., Jr., MD, PhD – Laurence.Beck@bmc.orgWebsite
Beeler, Aaron, PhD – beelera@bu.eduWebsite
Beffert, Uwe, PhD – ub1@bu.eduWebsite
Benjamin, Emelia J, MD, ScM – emelia@bu.eduWebsite
Benson, Gary, PhD – gbenson@bu.eduWebsite
Berk, John, MD – jberk@bu.eduWebsite
Berthet, Julia –
Berz, Jonathan, MD – Jonathan.berz@bmc.orgWebsite
Bestavros, Azer, PhD – best@bu.eduWebsite
Bhavesh, Shah, MD
Bigio, Irving, PhD – bigio@bu.eduWebsite
Bird, James, PhD – jbird@bu.eduWebsite
Blanton, Wanda, MD – wsblanto@bu.eduWebsite
Bloch, B. Nicolas, MD – bnbloch@bu.eduWebsite
Blusztajn, Jan, PhD – jbluszta@bu.eduWebsite
Bolotina, Victoria, PhD – bolotina@bu.eduWebsite
Borkan, Steven C., MD – sborkan@bu.eduWebsite
Borrelli, Belinda, PhD – belindab@bu.eduWebsite
Bowen, Deborah J., PhD – dbowen@bu.eduWebsite
Boyd, Ashley –
Brandeis, Gabriel, MD – garybh@bu.eduWebsite
Braverman, Lewis E., MD – lebrave@bu.eduWebsite
Brody, Jerome, MD – jbrody@bu.eduWebsite
Brogly, Susan, PhD – sbrogly@bu.eduWebsite
Brooks, Daniel, DSc – danbrook@bu.eduWebsite
Brown, Keith, PhD – brownka@bu.eduWebsite
Brown, Lauren, PhD – bravaya@bu.eduWebsite
Burke, Peter A., MD – Peter.Burke@bmc.orgWebsite
Buston, Peter, PhD – buston@bu.eduWebsite
Cabodi, Mario, PhD – cabodi@bu.eduWebsite
Cacicedo, Jose, PhD – cacicedo@bu.eduWebsite
Calderwood, Audrey, MD – acalderw@bu.eduWebsite
Caradonna, John, PhD – caradonn@bu.eduWebsite
Celenza, John, PhD – celenza@bu.eduWebsite
Center, David, MD – dcenter@bu.eduWebsite
Chakrabarti, Subrata, PhD – subrata@bu.eduWebsite
Chen, Christopher, MD, PhD – chencs@bu.eduWebsite
Chen, Ci-Di, PhD – cidichen@bu.eduWebsite
Chen, Felicia, MD – felichen@bu.eduWebsite
Chen, Tai C., PhD – taichen@bu.eduWebsite
Chitalia, Vipul, MD/PhD – – Website
Chui, David, MD, FRCPC – dhkcui@bu.eduWebsite
Cleveland, Robin, PhD – Website
Cohen, Richard A., MD
Coker, David, PhD – coker@bu.eduWebsite
Colucci, Wilson, MD – wcolucci@bu.eduWebsite
Connors, Lawreen, PhD – lconnors@bu.eduWebsite
Corkey, Barbara, PhD – bcorkey@bu.eduWebsite
Costello, Catherine, PhD – cecmsms@bu.eduWebsite
Coviello, Andrea, MD, MSc – coviello@bu.eduWebsite
Cozier, Yvette, DSc – yvettec@bu.eduWebsite
Cruikshank, William – bcruiksh@bu.eduWebsite
Dalencour, Michelle, MD – Michelle.Dalencour@bmc.orgWebsite
Deeney, Jude, PhD – jdeeney@bu.eduWebsite
Delalle, Ivana, MD, PhD – idelalle@bu.eduWebsite
Delisi, Charles, PhD – delisi@bu.eduWebsite
Deng, Lynn Lingyi, PhD – lynndeng@bu.eduWebsite
Denis, Gerald, PhD – gdenis@bu.eduWebsite
Doctrow, Susan, PhD – sdoctrow@bu.eduWebsite
Doerrer, Linda, PhD – doerrer@bu.eduWebsite
Dominguez, Isabel, PhD – isdoming@bu.eduWebsite
Dooms, Hans, PhD – hdooms@bu.eduWebsite
Duan, Chuanhua, PhD – duan@bu.eduWebsite
Duprex, W Paul, PhD – pduprex@bu.eduWebsite
Egloff, Ann Marie, PhD – amegloff@bu.eduWebsite
Einhorn, Thomas A., MD – teinhorn@bu.eduWebsite
Elliott, Sean J., PhD – elliott@bu.eduWebsite
Ellis, Theresa, PhD – tellis@bu.eduWebsite
Ellinor, Patrick, MD, PhD –
Endrighi, Romano, DDS – endrighi@bu.eduWebsite
Faller, Douglas V., MD – dfaller@bu.eduWebsite
Farber, Alik, MD – alik.farber@bmc.orgWebsite
Farmer, Stephen, PhD – sfarmer@bu.eduWebsite
Farny, Caleb, PhD – farny@bu.eduWebsite
Farraye, Francis A., MD, MSc – francis.farraye@bmc.orgWebsite
Farrer, Lindsay A., PhD – farrer@bu.eduWebsite
Farwell, Alan, MD – Alan.Farwell@bmc.orgWebsite
Fearns, Rachel, PhD – rfearns@bu.eduWebsite
Felson, David T., MD, MPH – dfelson@bu.eduWebsite
Fine, Alan, MD – afine@bu.eduWebsite
Fine, Richard, PhD – rfine@bu.eduWebsite
Finnerty, John, PhD – jrf3@bu.eduWebsite
Finzi, Adrien, PhD – afinzi@bu.eduWebsite
Francis, Jean – jmfranci@bu.eduWebsite
Fried, Susan K., PhD –
Friedman, Robert H., MD – rfriedma@bu.eduWebsite
Frydman, Horácio, PhD – hfrydman@bu.eduWebsite
Fulford, Daniel, PhD – dfulford@bu.eduWebsite
Fulweiler, Robinson ‘Wally’, PhD – rwf@bu.eduWebsite
Galagan, James, PhD – jgalag@bu.eduWebsite
Garcia-Marcos, Mikel, PhD – mgm1@bu.eduWebsite
Gavornik, Jeffrey, PhD – gavornik@bu.eduWebsite
Gavras, Haralambos, MD – hgavras@bu.eduWebsite
Genco, Caroline, PhD –
Gerstenfeld, Louis C, PhD – lgersten@bu.eduWebsite
Ghosh, Sajal, MSc, PhD – sajal@bu.eduWebsite
Gibson III, Frank, PhD – fgibson@bu.eduWebsite
Gill, Christopher, MD – cgill@bu.eduWebsite
Gill, Simone, PhD, OTR/L – simvgill@bu.eduWebsite
Gilmore, Thomas D., PhD – gilmore@bu.eduWebsite
Girgenrath, Mahasweta – swetag@bu.eduWebsite
Godfrey, Tony, PhD – godfreyt@bu.eduWebsite
Gokce, Noyan, MD – Noyan.Gokce@bmc.orgWebsite
Goldberg, Bennett, PhD – goldberg@bu.eduWebsite
Goldstein, Lee, MD, PhD – lgold@bu.eduWebsite
Gordon, Craig, PhD – cgordon2@bu.eduWebsite
Gorshkova, Irina, PhD – igorshko@bu.eduWebsite
Grace, Sheryl, PhD – sgrace@bu.eduWebsite
Grinstaff, Mark, PhD – mgrin@bu.eduWebsite
Guha, Arjun, PhD – aguha@bu.eduWebsite
Hamburg, Naomi, MD – nhamburg@bu.eduWebsite
Hamer, Davidson, MD – dhamer@bu.eduWebsite
Hamilton, James A., PhD – jhamilt@bu.eduWebsite
Hanchate, Amresh D., PhD – hanchate@bu.eduWebsite
Hansen, Ula, PhD – uhansen@bu.eduWebsite
Harris, David A., MD, PhD – daharris@bu.eduWebsite
Hasselmo, Michael, PhD – hasselmo@bu.eduWebsite
Hasturk, Hatice, DDS, PhD –
Havasi, Andrea, MD – ahavasi@bu.eduWebsite
Helmerhorst, Eva, PhD – helmer@bu.eduWebsite
Henault, Lori, MPH –
Henderson, Andrew J., PhD – andrew.henderson@bmc.orgWebsite
Herrera, Victoria, PhD – vherrera@bu.eduWebsite
Hess, Donald – dthess@bu.eduWebsite
Ho, Angela, PhD – aho1@bu.eduWebsite
Hochberg, Natasha – nhoch@bu.eduWebsite
Holick, Michael F., PhD, MD – mfholick@bu.eduWebsite
Holt, R Glynn, PhD – rgholt@bu.eduWebsite
Hsu, Tien, PhD – tienh@bu.eduWebsite
Hu, Zhenjun, PhD –
Hylek, Elaine, MD, MPH – ehylek@bu.eduWebsite
Ingalls, Robin, MD – ringalls@bu.eduWebsite
Ikezu, Tsuneya, MD, PhD – tikezu@bu.eduWebsite
Istfan, Nawfal, MD, PhD – naistfan@bmc.orgWebsite
Jacobson, Brian, MD, MPH – brian.jacobson@bmc.orgWebsite
Jacobson, Karin, MD – kjacobso@bu.eduWebsite
Jean, Jyh-Chang, PhD – jjean@bu.eduWebsite
Jeffries-El, Malika, PhD – malikaj@bu.eduWebsite
Jette, Alan, PhD – ajette@bu.eduWebsite
Jick, Susan, DSC – sjick@bu.eduWebsite
Jin, Yang, PhD –
Johnson, Evan, PhD – wej@bu.eduWebsite
Jones, Matthew, PhD – mattj@bu.eduWebsite
Jun, Gyungah, PhD – gyungah@bu.eduWebsite
Junghans, Richard P., MD – rjunghans@rwmc.orgWebsite
Kalesan, Bindu – kalesan@bu.eduWebsite
Kandror, Konstantin, PhD – kkandror@bu.eduWebsite
Karlson, Karl, MD – karl.karlson@bmc.orgWebsite
Kasif, Simon, PhD – kasif@bu.eduWebsite
Kathuria, Hasmeena, MD – hasmeena@bu.eduWebsite
Kaufman, Les, PhD – lesk@bu.eduWebsite
Kepler, Thomas, PhD – tbkepler@bu.eduWebsite
Keysor, Julie, PhD – jkeysor@bu.eduWebsite
Khalil, Ahmad, PhD – akhalil@bu.eduWebsite
Kirber, Mike, PhD – mkirber@bu.eduWebsite
Kirin, Swathi, PhD – kirans@bu.eduWebsite
Klapperich, Catherine M., PhD – catherin@bu.eduWebsite
Klings, Elizabeth S., MD – klingon@bu.eduWebsite
Knapp, Philip, MD – Philip.Knapp@bmc.orgWebsite
Kolachalama, Vijaya, PhD – vkola@bu.eduWebsite
Kon, Mark, PhD – mkon@bu.eduWebsite
Korolev, Kirill, PhD – korolev@bu.eduWebsite
Kotton, Darrel, MD – dkotton@bu.eduWebsite
Kowall, Neil W., MD – nkowall@bu.eduWebsite
Kramnik, Igor, MD – ikramnik@bu.eduWebsite
Kressin, Nancy, PhD – nkressin@bu.eduWebsite
Kukuruzinska, Maria A., PhD – mkukuruz@bu.eduWebsite
Kuohung, Wendy, MD – Wendy.Kuohung@bmc.orgWebsite
Kurosawa, Shinichiro, MD, PhD – kurosawa@bu.eduWebsite
Lafyatis, Robert, MD – lafyatis@bu.eduWebsite
Langmore, Susan, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S – langmore@bu.eduWebsite
Lapets, Andrei – lapets@bu.eduWebsite
Larson, Martin G., ScD – mlarson@bu.eduWebsite
Layne, Matthew, PhD – mlayne@bu.eduWebsite
Lee, Mi-Jeong, PhD – Website
Lee, Stephanie, MD – stlee@bmc.orgWebsite
Leeman, Susan, PhD – sleeman@bu.eduWebsite
Leibler, Jessica, DrPH – jleibler@bu.eduWebsite
Lenberg, Marc, PhD – mlenberg@bu.eduWebsite
Lerner, Adam, MD – lernwara@bu.eduWebsite
Levy, Daniel, PhD –
Levy, Simon, PhD –
Lewis, Cara, PT, PhD – lewisc@bu.eduWebsite
Liebschutz, Jane, MD, MPH – Jane.liebschutz@bmc.orgWebsite
Lin, Honghuang, PhD – hhlin@bu.eduWebsite
Lin, Jen-Wei, PhD – jenwelin@bu.eduWebsite
Liu, Christine, MD, MS – chliu@bu.eduWebsite
Liu, Pinghua, PhD – pinghua@bu.eduWebsite
Lobel, Philip PhD – plobel@bu.eduWebsite
Loechler, Edward, PhD – loechler@bu.eduWebsite
Logue, Mark, MD – loguem@bu.eduWebsite
Lu, Jining, PhD – jining@bu.eduWebsite
Lu, Weining – wlu@bu.eduWebsite
Lucero, Hector, PhD – hlucero@bu.eduWebsite
Lunetta, Kathryn, PhD – klunetta@bu.eduWebsite
Magnani, Jared W., MD
Mazzini, Michael, MD – mimazzin@bu.eduWebsite
Massari, Paola, PhD – pmassari@bu.eduWebsite
Matsuura, Shinobu, PhD – shinobu@bu.eduWebsite
McDaniel, J Gregory, PhD –
McKee, Ann, MD – amckee@bu.eduWebsite
McTernan, Philip G. – – Website
Mehta, Pankaj, PhD – pankajm@bu.eduWebsite
Meller, Amit, PhD – ameller@bu.eduWebsite
Mertz, Jerome C., PhD – jmertz@bu.eduWebsite
Mez, Jesse, MD – jessemez@bu.eduWebsite
Milanovic, Snezana M. – smm28@bu.eduWebsite
Miller, Edward J., PhD
Mishuris, Rebecca, MD – rgrochow@bu.eduWebsite
Mitchell, Gary, PhD –
Mizgerd, Joseph, Sc.D – jmizgerd@bu.eduWebsite
Montano, Monty, PhD –
Monti, Stefano, PhD – smonti@bu.eduWebsite
Morin, Peter, MD, PhD – morin@bu.eduWebsite
Moore, Lynn L., Sc.D – llmoore@bu.eduWebsite
Morgan, Elise F., PhD –
Morgan, Kathleen G., PhD – kmorgan@bu.eduWebsite
Moss, Mark, PhD – markmoss@bu.eduWebsite
Mostofsky, David, PhD – dmostof@bu.eduWebsite
Mostoslavsky, Gustavo, MD, PhD – gmostosl@bu.eduWebsite
Murabito, Joanne, MD – murabito@bu.eduWebsite
Murphy, George, PhD – gjmurphy@bu.eduWebsite
Myers, Richard H., MD – rmyers@bu.eduWebsite
Nair, Anil K., MD an@bu.eduWebsite
Navarro, Caryn, PhD – cnavarro@bu.eduWebsite
Naya, Francisco, PhD – fnaya@bu.eduWebsite
Nelson, Kerrie, PhD – kerrie@bu.eduWebsite
Neogi, Tuhina, MD, PhD, FRCPC – tneogi@bu.eduWebsite
Neri, Caitlin, MD – cneri@bu.eduWebsite
Nguyen, Uyen-Sa, DSc – unguyen@bu.eduWebsite
Nikolajczyk, Barbara S., PhD – bnikol@bu.eduWebsite
Norbash, Alexander, MD – alex.norbash@bmc.orgWebsite
Noronha, Craig, MD – Criag.Noronha@bmc.orgWebsite
O’Connor, George T., MD, MS – goconnor@bu.eduWebsite
O’Hara, Carl J., MD – hara@bu.eduWebsite
Oikonomou, Laertis, PhD – laertis@bu.eduWebsite
Paasche-Orlow, Michael, MD – mpo@bu.eduWebsite
Palmer, Julie, ScD – jpalmer@bu.eduWebsite
Panchenko, Maria, PhD – mpanch@bu.eduWebsite
Park, Harold, PhD – parkhs@bu.eduWebsite
Paschalidis, Ioannis, PhD – yannisp@bu.eduWebsite
Pearce, Elizabeth N., MD, MSc – elizabeth.pearce@bmc.orgWebsite
Pencina, Michael, PhD – pencina@bu.eduWebsite
Perdomo, Catalina, PhD – cperdomo@bu.eduWebsite
Perissi, Valentina, PhD – vperissi@bu.eduWebsite
Perls, Thomas, MD – thperls@bu.eduWebsite
Perlstein, Deborah, PhD – dperl@bu.eduWebsite
Pilch, Paul, PhD – ppilch@bu.eduWebsite
Pimental, David R., MD – Website
Platt, Michael, MD, MSc – Michael.Platt@bmc.orgWebsite
Porco, John A., PhD – porco@bu.eduWebsite
Porter, Tyrone, PhD – tmp@bu.eduWebsite
Qiu, Wendy, MD, PhD – wqui67@bu.eduWebsite
Quillen, Karen, MD, MPH – kq@bu.eduWebsite
Quintiliani, Lisa, PhD – Lisa.Quintiliani@bmc.orgWebsite
Rabbani, Naila – – Website
Ramachandran, Vasan Srini, MD, DM, FACC, FAHA – vasan@bu.eduWebsite
Ramirez, Maria I., PhD – mramirez@bu.eduWebsite
Ravid, Katya, PhD – kravid@bu.eduWebsite
Ray, Rahul, PhD – bapi@bu.eduWebsite
Reinhard, Björn, PhD – bmr@bu.eduWebsite
Remick, Daniel, MD – remickd@bu.eduWebsite
Randeva, Harpal – – Website
Rifkin, Ian R, MD – irifkin@bu.eduWebsite
Roblyer, Darren, PhD – roblyer@bu.eduWebsite
Rosenbloom, David, PhD – drosenbloom@bu.eduWebsite
Rosenzweig, James L., MD –
Roy, Sayon, PhD – sayon@bu.eduWebsite
Ruckenstein, Andrei, PhD – andreir@bu.eduWebsite
Ruderman, Neil, MD – nrude@bu.eduWebsite
Ruiz-Opazo, Nelson, PhD – nruizo@bu.eduWebsite
Ryan, Emily, PhD – ryanem@bu.eduWebsite
Rymarczyk, Grzegorz, PhD
Ryu, Hoon, PhD – hoonryu@bu.eduWebsite
Sabin, Lora, PhD – lsabin@bu.eduWebsite
Safer, Joshua D., MD – jsafer@bu.eduWebsite
Saha, Asish, PhD – aksasha@bu.eduWebsite
Salant, David J, MD – djsalant@bu.eduWebsite
Samet, Jeffrey, MD, MA, MPH – jsamet@bu.eduWebsite
Saitz, Richard, MD, MPH –  rsaitz@bu.eduWebsite
Saravanan, Ponnusamy –  – Website
Sarkar, Sibaji, PhD – ss1@bu.eduWebsite
Schaus, Scott, PhD – seschaus@bu.eduWebsite
Schlezinger, Jennifer, PhD – jschlezi@bu.eduWebsite
Schneider, Christopher, PhD – cschneid@bu.eduWebsite
Schon, Karin – kschon@bu.eduWebsite
Schreiber, Barbara, PhD – schreibe@bu.eduWebsite
Schroy, Paul C. III, MD, MPH – paul.schroy@bmc.orgWebsite
Schwartz, Faina, PhD –
Schwartz, John H. MD – jhsch@bu.eduWebsite
Sebastiani, Paola, PhD, – sebas@bu.eduWebsite
Segrè, Daniel, PhD – dsegre@bu.eduWebsite
Seldin, David, MD, PhD – Website
Selliah, Nithianandan (Nithi), PhD – nithis@bu.eduWebsite
Seta, Francesca, PhD – setaf@bu.eduWebsite
Shanahan, Christopher, MD – Christopher.Shanahan@bmc.orgWebsite
Sharon, Jacqueline, PhD – Website
Sherman, Michael Y, PhD – sherma1@bu.eduWebsite
Sherr, David, PhD – dsherr@bu.eduWebsite
Sherva, Richard, PhD – sherva@bu.eduWebsite
Shiriahi, Orian, MD, PhD –  shirihai@bu.eduWebsite
Siggers, Trevor, PhD – tsiggers@bu.eduWebsite
Siwik, Deborah A., PhD –  dasiwik@bu.eduWebsite
Skinner, Martha, MD – mskinner@bu.eduWebsite
Skolnik, Paul R., MD – Website
Sloan, Karin, MD – Karin.Sloan@bmc.orgWebsite
Sloan, Mark, MD – Mark.Sloan@bmc.orgWebsite
Smith, Barbara, PhD – bdsmith@bu.eduWebsite
Smith, Brendan –
Smith, Steven R., MD – ssmith@burnham.orgWebsite
Snyder, John, PhD – jsnyder@chem.bu.eduWebsite
Snyder-Cappione, Jennifer, PhD – cappione@bu.eduWebsite
Somers, David, PhD – somers@bu.eduWebsite
Spira, Avrum, MD – aspira@bu.eduWebsite
Starobinski, David, PhD – staro@bu.eduWebsite
Stern, Chantal, DPhil – chantal@bu.eduWebsite
Stearns-Kurosawa, Deborah, PhD – dstearns@bu.eduWebsite
Steffen, Martin, PhD – steffen@bu.eduWebsite
Steenkamp, Devin, MD – desteenk@bu.eduWebsite
Steiling, Katrina, MD – steiling@bu.eduWebsite
Steinberg, Martin H., MD – mhsteinb@bu.eduWebsite
Still, Christopher, DO –
Stucchi, Arthur, PhD –
Sulis, Carol, MD – csulis@bu.eduWebsite
Suki, Bela, PhD – bsuki@bu.eduWebsite
Sullivan, Lisa, PhD – lsull@bu.eduWebsite
Tager-Flusberg, Helen, PhD – htagerf@bu.eduWebsite
Tagne, Jean-Bosco, PhD – tagne@bu.eduWebsite
Talayero, Beatriz, MD –
Talbot, Jennifer, PhD – jmtalbot@bu.eduWebsite
Templer, Pamela, PhD – ptempler@bu.eduWebsite
Thea, Donald, MD – dthea@bu.eduWebsite
Thiagalingam, Sam PhD –  samthia@bu.eduWebsite
Theodore, Arthur C., MD – atheodor@bu.eduWebsite
Thornalley, Paul J. – – Website
Tompson, Martha, PhD – mtompson@bu.eduWebsite
Tong, XiaoYong, PhD – xytong@bu.eduWebsite
Tornheim, Keith, PhD – tornheim@bu.eduWebsite
Toselli, Paul, MD, PhD – ptoselli@bu.eduWebsite
Trackman, Philip C, PhD – trackman@bu.eduWebsite
Traniello, James, F.A., PhD – jft@bu.eduWebsite
Tripathi, Gyanendra – – Website
Trojanowska, Maria, PhD – trojanme@bu.eduWebsite
Tsui, Ophelia, PhD – okctsui@bu.eduWebsite
Tullis, Gregory, –
Tullius, Thomas, PhD – tullius@bu.eduWebsite
Ünlü, M. Selim, PhD – selim@bu.eduWebsite
Upadhyay, Ashish, MD – ashishu@bu.eduWebsite
Valentine, Catherine, MD – cvalenti@bu.eduWebsite
VanDyke, Thomas DDS, PhD – tvandyke@bu.eduWebsite
Varelas, Xaralabos (Bob), PhD – xvarelas@bu.eduWebsite
Vegas, Arturo, PhD – ajvegas@bu.eduWebsite
Vlad, Steven C., MD – svlad@bu.eduWebsite
Wainford, Richard, PhD – rwainf@bu.eduWebsite
Walkey, Allan, MD, MSc – alwalkey@bu.eduWebsite
Walley, Alexander Y., MD, MSc – awalley@bu.eduWebsite
Walsh, Kenneth, PhD – kxwalsh@bu.eduWebsite
Waxman, David J., PhD – djw@bu.eduWebsite
Weber, H. Christian, MD –
Weinberg, Janice, ScD – janicew@bu.eduWebsite
Weinberg, Ellen, PhD – eweinbe@bu.eduWebsite
Weisbrod, Robert –
Wetzler, Lee, MD – lwetzler@bu.eduWebsite
White, Alice, PhD – aew1@bu.eduWebsite
Whitty, Adrian, PhD – whitty@bu.eduWebsite
Wiener, Renda Soylemez, MD, MPH – rwiener@bu.eduWebsite
Williams, Mary – marywill@bu.eduWebsite
Wilson, Andrew, MD – awilson@bu.eduWebsite
Wise, Lauren, ScD – lwise@bu.eduWebsite
Wolozin, Benjamin, MD, PhD – bwolozin@bu.eduWebsite
Wong, Bonnie, PhD –
Wong, Joyce Y., PhD – jywong@bu.eduWebsite
Xanthakis, Vanessa, PhD – vanessax@bu.eduWebsite
Xia, Yu (Brandon), PhD –
Xu, Huihong, MD – huxu@bu.eduWebsite
Xu, Xiaolai Julia, PhD – juliaxu@bu.eduWebsite
Yazdanbakhsh, Arash, PhD – yazdan@bu.eduWebsite
York, Michael, MD – mikyork@bu.eduWebsite
Zang, Mengwei, PhD – mwzang1@bu.eduWebsite
Zaman, Muhammad H., PhD – zaman@bu.eduWebsite
Zammit, Victor – – Website
Zannis, Vassilis, PhD – vzannis@bu.eduWebsite
Zehnder, Daniel – – Website
Zhang, Anqi, PhD – anqi@bu.eduWebsite
Zhang, Katherine Yanhang, PhD –
Zhong, Xuemei, PhD – xuemei.zhong@bmc.orgWebsite
Ziegler, Lawrence, PhD – lziegler@bu.eduWebsite
Zhou, Qingde, MD –

Please contact Ms. MacDonald ( if you wish to join the Evans Center.

April 13, 2017
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