Active ARC Programs (university- and/or agency- supported)

Expected Achievements of ARCs

•Reasonable expectation of continued programmatic growth, and a plan for inclusive and open exchange of ideas
•Extramural grant funding obtained following establishment of the ARC, particularly co-PI RO1grants
•Successful implementation of a structure to support predoctoral and postdoctoral training in content area
•Structure and content should complement and not overlap or compete with existing university entities
•Scientific incubator for basic discoveries with potential application via the CTSI to translational research
•Successful ARCs could eventually gain a status of a program or center

Goals of the Evans Center and the ARCs

•Form ARCs, each consisting of an assembly of investigators, including an ARC director, who focus on a research theme, explored with the aid of different disciplines and technologies to advance Research and Discovery as it applies to Disease States
•Enhance the educational mission at graduate and postgraduate programs
•Assist in envisioning and developing current and new institutional research fields, such as Center for Multiscale and Translational Mechanobiology (CMTM), begun in winter 2019
•Reach out to The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and other centers and institutes for further research and core development
•Provide an opportunity for faculty at BU to become Evans Center members (regardless of ARC’s affiliation) and to benefit from ongoing seminars, mini-symposia, immediate knowledge of and access to data-bases and reagents generated by ARCs etc