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GRADUATE COURSE: Biological Core Technologies ( MM730)

The major goal of the course “Biological Core Technologies” is to provide an overview of the principles and applications of modern techniques, which are regularly employed in academia and industry as tools for biomolecular and biomedical investigation. The course will become part of the core curriculum in the Molecular Medicine Graduate Program. The Evans Center developed this course also with intention of providing clinical researchers and clinicians with the opportunity to learn more about basic core technologies and common biological tools of research.

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Evans Center-initiated graduate course titled Nanomedicine: Principles and Applications (Drs. Mario Cabodi and Katya Ravid, course Directors).

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Request for Pilot Proposals in Nanomedicine:

The BU nanotechnology Innovation Center (, Dr. Mark Grinstaff, Director) together with the Department of Medicine, the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research and the Office of the Provost, the Dean of Engineering and the Dean of Arts and Sciences call for internal Boston University proposals to seed collaborative efforts in basic science and discovery in nanomedicine. With this RFP we seek to support new collaborations in innovative applications of nanotechnology to medicine. Our goal is to enable researchers to test new ideas, build interdisciplinary teams, and generate the preliminary data necessary for successful applications to external funding agencies. This program will target new applications of nanotechnology to basic medical sciences. Since translational applications of nanotechnology are supported through other mechanisms at BU (Coulter, CIMIT, Fraunhofer, CTSI), translational work will not be emphasized.
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Nanomedicine RFP

Nanomedicine RFP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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CRC NanoBio Research


Graduate Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine

An important mission of the Evans Center is to enhance training opportunities on campus. Faculty affiliated with the Evans Center have significant experience in training graduate students, including within the Graduate Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine, Interim Director Dr. Matthew Jones, ( and within the Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics, directed by Dr. Shoumita Dasgupta ( These training faculty are also members of several NIH-funded graduate training programs on campus, including a Training Program in Cardiovascular Biology directed by Dr. Katya Ravid (a collaboration between the Department of Biochemistry and Cardiovascular Investigators on campus): (; Training Program in Immunology, Directed by Dr. David Sherr (; Training Program in Hematology, Directed by Adam Lerner (; Aging Research Possibilities (; and more.

Post-Doctoral Training

Faculty affiliated with the Evans Center have significant experience in training clinical and research post-doctoral fellows. Post doctoral training is supported via various grant mechanisms, including NIH-funded training grants, such as in Cardiovascular Biology, directed by Dr. Victoria Bolotina (; in Hematology, Directed by Adam Lerner (; in Pulmonary, Directed by Dr. Frederic Little (; in Nephrology, Directed by Dr. David J. Salant (; and more.

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(last update 2010): Table of NIH-funded training programs (click here)

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