Pre-ARCs serve as intermediate phase of exploration of research themes before becoming a formal ARC. Ideas on Pre-ARC themes have been initiated by investigators as well as by the Evans Center Director. Once a pre-ARC group is assembled, the group is invited to post here a summary of missions  and plans for an ARC, including names and affiliations of PIs who are interested in joining. This 1-2 page outline will provide enough information for other colleagues to consider participation in the pre-ARC, and eventually ARC (following approval of a review panel). As is the case with the pre-ARCs and ARCs posted here, the Evans Center Director will discuss such research themes, and provide insight as needed. For additional information, please contact Dr. Katya Ravid.


Data Science Application to Adolescent Health Equity, Prevention and Treatment (AdHEPT)
Co-Directors: Drs. Kimberly Nelson (, Monica Wang (, Pablo Buitron de La Vega (, Linda Sprague Martinez (
(June 2020- )

Platform Development for Evaluation of Tryptophan Metabolites and the Cancer Microbiome
Director: Dr. Matthew Kulke (; Co-Director: Dr. Evan Johnson (
(June 2020- )

Since 2009 Pre-ARCs were also explored on the following topics:

Platform for Patient Recruitment: The Cancer Microbiome and Metabolomics; Dr. Matthew Kulke (2018)

Environmental Toxicants; Drs. David Sherr, Stefano Monti, Jonathan Levy, Jessica Fetterman (2017)

Effect of Violent and traumatic Events [EVE]: An E-cohort study;   Drs. Bindu Kalesan, Guanglan Zhang, Francesca Seta (2017)

Metabolic Clinical Research Collaborative; Drs. Jude Deeney, Markus Bachschmid, Barbara Corkey (2016)

Type 1 Diabetes; Drs. Hans Dooms, Barbara Corkey, Barbara Nikolajczyk (May 2014-2015; pre-ARC members and current project are best suited within existing sections)

Comparative Effectiveness: A focus on Processes of Care Among Critically Ill Patients; Dr. Allan Walkey (2013)

Stromal Biology and Cancer; Drs. Douglas Faller, Tien Hsu, Maria Trojanowska (2013)

Disease risk Assessment and risk prediction; Drs. Vasan Ramachandran, Michael Pencina, Vanessa Xanthakis (2012)

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma: from bench studies to population studies; Dr. Adam Lerner (2010)

Developmental Processes and Disease; Drs. Kenneth Albrecht, Karen Symes and Wellington Cardoso (2010)

Immunobiology of Trauma; Dr. Daniel Remick (2010)

Mechanisms of Immune Suppression; Drs. Monty Montano and Paul Skolnik (2009)

Vaccine Immunology and Development; Dr. Lee Wetzler (2009)

Biomechanics and Osteoarthritis; Dr. David Felson (2009)