Please check back here as this PreARC continues to develop.

To express interest in participating or to request more information, please contact Dr. David Felson.

David Felson

Paola Divieti Pajevic

LaDora Thompson (CRC SAR)

Musculoskeletal Biology Over a Lifespan (CeMH)



preARC in 2022

 preARC lightning talks on 11/18/22

Discussions/organizing through the fall


The overall aim of this proposal is to bring together a cadre of scientists from the Medical campus and the Charles River Campus to elucidate the factors (environmental, pathobiologic, genetics) affecting the musculoskeletal system across the lifespan. Environmental, pathobiologic and genetic factors and their intersectionality, contribute to the risk of, resilience to, and protection from musculoskeletal disorders. The initial focus of the Pre-ARC capitalizes on current themes within the musculoskeletal system, such as response to pain with a special emphasis on osteoarthritis. The investigations take advantage of technologies and resources including national databases, mobile health, clinical and preclinical, and animal models to interrogate physiological tissues (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nervous system innervation). By bringing together a diverse group of scientists with this overall aim, the results from their efforts have potential to drive new therapeutic avenues to prevent and treat musculoskeletal disorders.


Beth Bragdon (Ortho BUSM)

Louis Gerstenfeld (Ortho BUSM)

Elise Morgan (Eng CSR)

Manish Bais (SDM)

Michael Albro (Eng CRC)

Deepak Kumar (SAR CRC)

Cara Lewis (SAR CRC)

Neogi Tuhina ( BUSM)

Morone Natalia (BMC)

Eric Roseen (BMC)

Malabanan Alan (BMC BUSM)

Yun Ma (SDM)

Ayesha Abdeen (Ortho BMC/BUSM)

Michael Kain (Ortho BMC/BUSM)

Paul Tornetta (Ortho BMC/BUSM)

Chao Zang (BUSM)

Mary Shannon Fisher (BUSM)

Mike LaValley (BUSPH)

Jean Liew (BUSM)

Reza Jafarzadeh (BUSM) (

Kathy Bacon (BUSM) (

Brianne Connizzo (Eng CRC) (

Andrew Henry (BMC)(