The ARCs

arc-logo-blue-198x100The Major Goals of the Evans Center and the Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARCs) are to:

  • Form ARCs, each consisting of an assembly of 5-8 investigators, including an ARC director, who focus on a research theme, explored with the aid of different disciplines and technologies to advance Research and Discovery as it applies to Disease States
  • Enhance the educational mission at graduate and post-graduate programs
  • Assist in envisioning and developing current and new institutional research cores
  • Reach out to:
    • The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and other centers and institutes for further development of translational application and Biotechnology
    • Partnership with Biotech companies
    • Community Education
  • Provide an opportunity for faculty at BU to become Evans Center’s members (regardless of ARC’s affiliation) and to benefit from ongoing seminars, mini-symposia, immediate knowledge of and access to data-bases and reagents generated by ARCs etc.
  • Click here for downloadable “pyramids” including information on the ARC mechanism and review process, and requirements for initial funding

Links to publications on the Evans Center as New Paradigm for pursuing Research and Education:

K. Ravid et al, J. Academic Medicine:

Click here for a PDF file

Coleman, Spira and Ravid, Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc.:

Click here for a PDF file

“Recipe” for a successful/sustainable ARC
(Outline by Dr. Katya Ravid)

ARC Leaders: Engaged; Goals greater that “own”

Topic: Selection of a high impact research area, with potential to advance the academic growth of ARC faculty members

 Interdisciplinary: Inclusion of faculty from other departments/schools (boosting intellectual stimulation)

Reaching out/Technology Sharing: Organization of periodical ARC technology-based workshops, seminars, mini-symposia that bring ARC members and the research community together

Plasticity/Creativity: Ability to branch out to new/extended topics as the ARC matures into an ARC-program

Support: ARC grant Support to jump-start research themes towards future ARC-Programs







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