Pre-ARCs serve as intermediate phase of exploration of research themes before becoming a formal ARC. Ideas on Pre-ARC themes have been initiated by investigators as well as by the Evans Center Director. Once a pre-ARC group is assembled, the group is invited to post here a summary of missions  and plans for an ARC, including names and affiliations of PIs who are interested in joining. This 1-2 page outline will provide enough information for other colleagues to consider participation in the pre-ARC, and eventually ARC (following approval of a review panel). As is the case with the pre-ARCs and ARCs posted here, the Evans Center Director will discuss such research themes, and provide insight as needed. For additional information, please contact Dr. Katya Ravid.

Summary of Pre-ARCs

Platform Development for Evaluation of Tryptophan Metabolites and the Cancer Microbiome
Director: Dr. Matthew Kulke; Co-Director: Dr. Evan Johnson

(June 2018-2020)

Metabolic Clinical Research Collaborative 
Co-Directors: Drs. Jude Deeney, Markus Bachschmid and Barbara Corkey

(May 2016- )

Environmental Toxicants
Co-Directors: Drs. David Sherr, Stefano Monti, Jonathan Levy and Jessica Fetterman

(December 2017- )

Effect of Violent and traumatic Events [EVE]: An E-cohort study
Co-Directors: Drs.Bindu Kalesan, Guanglan Zhang and Francesca Seta

(February 2018- )


Since 2009 Pre-ARCs were also explored on the following topics:

Type 1 Diabetes; Drs. Hans Dooms, Barbara Corkey, Barbara Nikolajczyk (May 2014-2015; pre-ARC members and current project are best suited within existing sections)

Comparative Effectiveness: A focus on Processes of Care Among Critically Ill Patients; Dr. Allan Walkey (2013)

Stromal Biology and Cancer; Drs. Douglas Faller, Tien Hsu, Maria Trojanowska (2013)

Disease risk Assessment and risk prediction; Drs. Vasan Ramachandran, Michael Pencina, Vanessa Xanthakis (2012)

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma: from bench studies to population studies; Dr. Adam Lerner (2010)

Developmental Processes and Disease; Drs. Kenneth Albrecht, Karen Symes and Wellington Cardoso (2010)

Immunobiology of Trauma; Dr. Daniel Remick (2010)

Mechanisms of Immune Suppression; Drs. Monty Montano and Paul Skolnik (2009)

Vaccine Immunology and Development; Dr. Lee Wetzler (2009)

Biomechanics and Osteoarthritis; Dr. David Felson (2009)