Please check back here as this PreARC continues to develop.

To express interest in participating or to request more information, please contact one of the Directors.

Belinda Borrelli
Lisa Quintiliani
Vasia Kalavri
Nicole Spartano

There are several groups of investigators across Boston University campuses working with mobile health devices and platforms to conduct interventions among populations to promote health and health behaviors. Boston University also has a wealth of computational investigators, with tools and experience to create multi-use streaming platforms that can collect, house, and analyze varied mobile health data. The overall goal of this pre-ARC is to blend two existing campus initiatives – the Focused Research Program funded by the Hariri Institute (computational focus) and the Mobile and Electronic Health ARC funded by the Evans Center (applied focus). Together, investigators involved with this multidisciplinary pre-ARC will be able to address case studies involving large volume, continuous data and utilize them in health promotion interventions in novel ways to deliver real-time theory-based information (e.g., just-in-time adaptive interventions: JITAIs), all in ways that protect patient privacy. Use cases vary according to the fields of the investigator and include any application that yields continuous data, such as blood glucose monitoring, voluminous data obtained through virtual reality platforms, and geo location data, among many other applications.