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The goal of the mobile health and informatics preARC is to foster collaboration, infrastructure and education around the overlapping fields of mobile health (mHealth) and applied health informatics; enhancing our research capabilities in these areas. The tools they leverage are disrupting the way health care is delivered and are rich areas for research and innovation. While there is no standard definition, we envision the preARC interacting with the full spectrum of relevant hardware, software, and devices. This would include apps, smartphones, wireless biometric devices, API’s, avatars, texting, ecoaches, machine learning, clinical decision support, patient portals, etc. As the field is in some ways defined by the tools or by the mode of data transmission we envision a unusually broad group of collaborators – spanning the full spectrum of faculty at BU e.g. BUSM, SPH, Charles River, etc. To support BU’s nascent work in this area, the proposed preARC would bring together researchers from all campuses to identify common areas of interest, barriers to doing this work on campus and strategies for growing our common goals. The preARC would also review and prioritize resource needs to grow mHealth and applied health informatics on campus. This needs assessment would help identify if programmers, hardware or other resources are needed to facilitate greater research activity and collaboration in this area. The preARC would also become a nexus for trainees, students and anyone interested in learning more about the tools and approaches used in these fields; supporting interested graduate and post-graduate training in this area. The preARC would also be well suited to provide guidance to our community on opportunities for collaboration with other entities within (CTSI) and outside our campus (health tech companies, technology foundations, etc).

Core Members

Belinda Borrelli, PhD, GSDM
Lisa Quintiliani, PhD, Medicine
Tibor Palfai, PhD, CAS, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Rebecca Mishuris, MD, Medicine
Andrei Lapets, Computer Science
Micheal PaascheOrlow, MD, Medicine
Catherine Klapperich, PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Chris Shanahan, MD, Medicine
Ioannis Pascalidas, PhD, Engineering, Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Donald Thea, PhD, Global Health
Alan Walkey, MD, Medicine
Muhammad Zaman, Biomedical Engineering

Affiliate Members

Bill Adams, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics
David Felson, MD, Medicine
Emelia Benjamin, MD, Medicine
Karen Lasser, MD, Medicine/SPH
Renda Weiner, MD, Medicine
Snezana Milanovic, MD, Psychiatry
Joanne Murabito, MD, Medicine
Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, Medicine
Dan Brooks, DSc, SPH
Swathi Kiran, PhD, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Dan Fulford,PhD, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Occupational Therapy
John Donald Otis PhD, College of Arts and Sciences, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Chadi Tannoury, MD, Medicine
Kim Mueser, PhD, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Occupational Therapy; College of Arts and Sciences, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Azer Bestavos, PhD, Hariri Institute for Computing
Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, School of Public Health
Frederick Jansen, PhD, Hariri Institute for Computing, Software and Application Innovation Lab
Scott Werntz, CEO, Agile Health