Thomas Van Dyke D.D.S. Ph.D.

Oral Biology and Periodontology- Dental School

Office: 100 E. Newton St.
Phone: 617-638-4758


The long range goals of basic science work in Dr. Van Dyke’s laboratory is to gain further knowledge of the structural and functional relationship of the inflammatory process by defining the complex interactions between phagocytic cells and their environment, particularly microorganisms. These interactions are important in the pathogenesis of many disease processes. Dr. Van Dyke in collaborations with Dr. Genco and Gibson have examined the role of specific microorganisms in inflammatory periodontal disease and atherosclerosis using various animal models. Dr. Van Dyke’s clinical research program is focused on the elucidation of factors inherent in the pathogenesis of periodontal diseases with emphasis on disease prevention. The applied clinical research program is focused upon the clinical elucidation of products, procedures and diagnostics for the management of periodontal diseases including anti-inflammatory agents.

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