David H.K. Chui, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Chui  PI: David H.K. Chui, MD, FRCPC 

Title: Professor of Medicine, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Director, Hemoglobin Diagnostic Reference Laboratory 
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Research Overview:

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Chui has maintained a keen interest in the developmental biology of erythropoiesis in health and disease. In the 70’s, he studied the developmental cell biology and pathophysiology of anemic mutant mice, particularly that of the Steel mutation, now known to be caused by aberrant Steel factor, or stem cell factor. During the 80’s, Dr. Chui concentrated on the study of hemoglobin ontogeny in mice and in man. He discovered that human embryonic hemoglobins persist throughout intrauterine life, and even into adulthood in some hereditary disorders.

In the 90’s, Dr. Chui applied molecular biology techniques to study human diseases. He was the Founding Director of the Provincial Hemoglobinopathy DNA Diagnostic Laboratory in Ontario, Canada, and contributed to the study of thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies, including a novel diagnostic strategy applicable for population screening to detect α-thalassemia carriers. His laboratory cloned and characterized three then novel genes found in erythroid cells: Nrf 2, Hn1, and Ermap.

Since joining the Boston University in 2003, Dr. Chui has established another successful Hemoglobin Diagnostic Reference Laboratory, to which patients’ samples have been referred from throughout Massachusetts, the United States, and beyond. It is a repository for unusual or novel globin gene mutations, some of which form the basis for further laboratory research. Dr. Chui continues to pursue issues related to thalassemia and population health. Concurrently, Dr. Chui is engaged in a large genetic association research project using SNP genotyping in β-thalassemia patients and their family members to search for hereditary factors that regulate Hb F production.

Selected Recent Publications:

 Dr. Chui has over 180 publications, and has successfully collaborated with investigators in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

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 *Student, post-doctoral fellow, or medical resident in Dr. Chui’s laboratory.

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of BU School of Medicine