• Title Research Associate Professor
  • Education PhD: University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign.
    Postdoctoral training: The Scripps Research Institute and University of Minnesota,
  • Office K1
  • Phone 617-358-4189
  • Area of Interest Aging and Alzheimer’s disease, Klotho, drug discovery

I am interested in the research of normal brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. My research interests are the mechanisms of the anti-aging protein, Klotho functions in the brain. My research is aimed to 1) Discovery of Klotho enhancing compounds. 2) Study the structure function of Klotho and identify the proteases responsible for Klotho shedding. 3) Decipher the role of Klotho in brain aging and identify the receptor for this anti-aging gene. 4) Study the mechanisms of Klotho effects on myelination. 5) Lowering Abeta production with a small molecular inhibitor of Alzheimer’s precursor protein dimerization.

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