Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Program

The Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Program is a longitudinal, mid-career faculty development program for late Assistant and all Associate professors at BUSM, GSDM and BUSPH. AY20 applications have closed. 

Target Audience: BUMC faculty who have been Assistant Professors for 7+ years, all Associate Professors and full Professors are eligible to apply.

Program Structure

  • July – June; Meets off campus for six 2-day modules
  •  0.05 FTE clinical effort forgiveness provided for BUMG faculty
  • Session dates for the 2019-2020 Program (participants are required to attend ALL days):
    • July 11th & 12th
    • Sept 12th & 13th
    • Nov 21st & 22nd
    • January 9th & 10th
    • March 19th & 20th
    • May 21st & 22nd


Through experiential and project-based learning, program participants engage in:

  • Self-reflection and evaluation
  • Broad peer and senior mentoring networks
  • Development of strategic leadership skills
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration through experiential and project-based learning
  • Enhancement of transformational education, clinical and research skills

To enable to participants to fully engage, all BUMG faculty are given 5% clinical forgiveness during the program.

AY20 Program Resources

Alumni Testimonials:

“The MFL continues to be one of the most impactful experiences that I have had since joining the faculty at Boston Medical Center/BUSM. The skills that I learned, the mentoring relationships that I developed, the doors that were opened, and the friendships that I gained have had an incredibly powerful influence on the trajectory of my career. On many occasions since MFL, I have found myself sharing insight that I gained and lessons that I learned with members of my team, residents, and junior faculty. I cannot recommend this program enough.” – Jeff Schneider, MD, Emergency Medicine, MFL 2016.

Experiences from Past Program Participants

2018-2019 Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Program Participant Information

2017 – 2018 Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Program Participant Information

Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Fact Sheet

2016 Mid-Career Faculty Leadership Program Overview

2014 Program Curriculum Overview

To learn more about the program, please contact Robina Bhasin, Director of Faculty Development, BUMC or Emelia Benjamin, Assistant Provost, Faculty Development, BUMC.

To read more about MFL and its development, please see: Mid-Career Faculty Development Program Proposal, written by the BUMC Mid-Career Faculty Development Task Force.