Residency Mission

Program Educational Goals and Mission Statement

  • To provide the highest quality education and training through didactic and practical experience to prepare physicians for a lifetime of practicing the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  This includes the knowledge base and skills set to provide comprehensive health care for women.  We are committed to establishing a sense of professional responsibility, integrity and respect within our residency program for the benefit of the patient and to recognize her as a full partner in her health care. This effort is especially significant among our indigent and underserved populations.
  • To develop confident clinical judgment and a high level of skill in clinical problem solving in ambulatory and acute care environments, and to learn to effectively utilize appropriate diagnostic techniques and skills in the evaluation and management for all patients.
  • To develop the basic skills to effectively communicate and interact with patients, colleagues and support staff in a professional, competent, ethical and caring manner; to develop the basic skills in documentation and coding, as well as depth of knowledge in managed care to effectively navigate a quality and cost-effective practice; as well as understanding the complex medico-legal environment in which the resident will practice by providing and understanding risk-management and the ethical issues related to obstetrics and gynecology practice.mission4.
  • To instill in the resident a commitment to life-long learning by providing the atmosphere for personal responsibility for one’s continued education. This includes assistance for the resident in the development of teaching skills in relation to other residents, students and non-physician colleagues, and to appreciate the role of the physician educator.
  • To stimulate and provide the resident with an opportunity to perform and participate in clinical research and to critically analyze the medical literature through participation in various scientific forums. To provide the resident with opportunity to participate in the contribution of new knowledge in Women’s Health.
  • To provide the resident with exposure and experience in the recognized subspecialty areas of gynecologic oncology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, maternal-fetal medicine, family planning and urogynecology that will enable the resident to make an appropriate initial evaluation, recognize his/her limitations and appreciate indications for referral; as well as to provide the background to stimulate interest in subspecialty fellowship training for the individual wishing to pursue these options.
  • To provide and maintain an environment that will facilitate development of the six General Competencies in Medicine, as described by the ACGME and specialty specific competencies; confirming that each trainee acquires the cognitive knowledge, technical skills and professionalism to succeed in these areas during practice. To further prepare the resident for medical practice and consultation for certification through successful completion of the written and oral American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology examinations.