We provide comprehensive obstetric care at Boston Medical Center and at our affiliated Community Health Centers. Prenatal care is provided by a variety of fully trained practitioners including ob/gyn physicians, family medicine specialists and certified nurse midwives. Dedicated anesthesiologists are present full time on our labor and delivery service. Every woman delivering a baby at Boston Medical Center is eligible for labor support from our Birth Sisters doula program.

We Have Specialized Expertise in the Following Areas:

  • Complications to mother’s health including mothers over 35 years of age, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, HIV, lupus or Sickle Cell Disease; and
  • History of pregnancy or child birth complicated by recurrent miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery or fetal growth abnormality.
  • Pregnancy complicated by cervical insufficiency, preterm labor, fetal abnormalities or multiple gestation.

Obstetric Services and Programs:

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