Correctional Healthcare: Partnership with Massachusetts Department of Corrections

Current incarceration and former justice involvement is an important and underappreciated social determinant of health. In keeping with the mission of the Boston Medical Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, we have contracted with the Massachusetts Partnership for Correctional Health to offer specialist care to women in state custody.

Shannon Bell, MD is a generalist OB-GYN physician and serves as the consulting OB-GYN for the State of Massachusetts Department of Corrections facilities which house women: MCI-Framingham and South Middlesex Correctional Center.  Both facilities are located in Framingham, MA, approximately 40 minutes outside of Boston.  Dr. Bell provides both prenatal care and performs GYN consultations and minor procedures within the prison once per week.  She also remotely case manages with a nurse practitioner stationed at MCI-Framingham.  At MCI-Framingham, we have the ability to provide and monitor methadone maintenance therapy in pregnancy.

MCI-Framingham and SMCC prenatal patients come to Boston Medical Center for specialty consultations, obstetrical ultrasounds, and ultimately for delivery.  Gynecology patients come to Boston Medical Center if they require surgical intervention or emergent GYN care.  Dr. Bell serves as a liaison between our academic medical center and the Department of Corrections to help ensure smooth transitions of care for our incarcerated patients.

In addition, Dr. Bell serves as course director and co-creator of “Correctional Healthcare,” an elective at the BU School of Medicine which pairs fourth year medical students with clinical preceptors throughout the state Department of Corrections facilities. The elective incorporates clinical experience within the prison healthcare system with content expert talks, debriefings, and reflective writing sessions.


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