Antenatal Testing Unit

Our Antenatal Testing Unit Services Include:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Antepartum testing (non-stress testing, biophysical profiles)
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • First and second trimester screening for fetal abnormalities
  • Genetic counseling. Reasons for genetic counseling may include:
    • Abnormal maternal serum screening
    • Advanced maternal age (>35y)
    • Consanguinity (couple is related by blood)
    • Ethnic-based carrier screening (i.e. sickle cell and cystic fibrosis carriers)
    • Exposure to medications, drugs, alcohol, radiation or infections (teratogens)
    • Personal or family history of a birth defect, genetic disorder, or intellectually disabled
    • Recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility
    • Ultrasound anomalies
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing via cell-free DNA (NIPT)
  • Paternity testing
  • Ultrasound