Onboarding Students


Onboarding Overview

Before a research project begins that involves any type of students, the faculty investigator /  mentor needs to ensure that students are in compliance with BUMC rules.

Each student must:

  • Complete the CITI training module pertinent to their specific research project
  • Be added to appropriate IRB and/or IBC protocols
  • Obtain a BMC badge

This is the Survey for all students participating in department research – students must complete this form prior to beginning any work on a project.


BUSM Student Onboarding


  1. Email students guidelines for initial CITI training (including HIPAA)
  2. Email students instructions on how to create an INSPIR account
  3. Complete an INSPIR personnel change to add them to your IRB application
  4. Once BMC IDs are assigned, Olivera sends IT tickets via Service Now for setting up a new user – BMC email account creation, remote access, and EPIC access.
  5. Students then take eMerge (EPIC) View Only training as a self-paced module that is available on our eMerge Site.

    Students must email eMerge staff (DG-eMERGETrainingRegistration@bmc.org) that they completed the training and include the IT ticket # they received from Olivera. Then, the EPIC team will document their completion with eMerge security to activate their account.


    BUMPH, BUSM: GMS/MAMS, BU CRCand and Non-BUMC Students Onboarding

    Start the process by submitting a Visiting Personnel Registration form for students who have contact with patients while on BMC premises for three days or longer.


    Once BMC IDs are assigned, Olivera will send IT tickets for setting up a new user:

    • BMC email account creation
    • Regular and remote access to the BMC intranet
    • EPIC access

    Then follow the steps outlined above for BUMC students


    Supervision and Mentorship

    A student can be a wonderful addition to a research team. They have much to contribute to a project, but require a supervision plan in order to assure compliance with BUMC research regulations and practices. At the start of the student’s involvement, faculty mentors should communicate their plan for the student in terms of:

    • How frequently you will meet in person to review their activities.
    • How frequently you would like the student to email you updates on their progress.
    • How you plan to evaluate the student’s progress, if they are obtaining academic credit for their research experience.


    In addition, MPH students who are engaging in a research project to fulfill their practicum requirement need to be mentored and formally evaluated on a regular basis.


    Finally, faculty should clearly communicate what work is required from the student to be considered for authorship on an abstract or publication.


    Project Specifc Training(s):

    Trainings such as Bioraft for laboratory safety, REDCap for data entry or ClinCard for participant compensation may be required based on study protocol. The PI or a study team member can then add the student to the project.

    • Bioraft: BU portal for laboratory training. Olivera has to submit a request to obtain a BU Sponsored Guest Account and provide further information
    • REDCap web-based database: Complete and submit REDCap access request. The PI or study team memer can add the student to the project
    • ClinCard is a web-based reloadable debit card program used for research participant payment issuance, tracking, and reporting. Studies must have an active IRB # in order to participate: ClinCard User Request form and ClinCard Study Setup Request Form
    • Phlebotomy: Training can be scheduled at BMC laboratory services through workday by the research manager/coordinator.



    Clinical-Research-Reference-Guide   (created on 12/4/2019)