Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision: Becoming an internationally recognized leader in sustaining credible research programs in the domain of reproductive health for all women and including vulnerable women, i.e., refugees, prisoners, homeless, HIV affected, substance abuse / drug addicted and battered women.

Mission: We are committed to producing and sharing new knowledge in order to improve care, healing, quality of life, and the well being of vulnerable women around the world through innovative clinical and translational research which focuses on reducing health disparities. We are dedicated to our core principles, primarily that both health care and education should be accessible to all.


  • Enhance the reputation of Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center Ob/Gyn research by increased visibility through publications in high impact, peer-reviewed medical journals and presentations at major meetings and conferences.
  • Excel in education of our students, residents, fellows, faculty and research staff by allowing them to take part in designing and conducting research projects in order to provide innovative solutions in the field and actively engage in professional development.
  • Ensure adequate funding for our research enterprise by leveraging technology, and focusing on a cost-effective and flexible program.