Jodi Abbott, MD MSc MHCM

Dr. Abbott has established a program for an Implementation of Prenatal Aspirin (baby Aspirin) for the prevention of health disparities in medically indicated preterm and term deliveries.

Rachel Cannon, MD

Dr. Cannon is interested in exploring the clinician’s role in contraceptive counseling at the time of abortion. She is also passionate about improving healthcare access for women in underserved populations, eliminating racial disparities in women’s health outcomes, and promoting education in health equity and cultural competency for medical trainees, providers and staff.

Thamarah Crevecoeu, CNM MS 

Ms. Crevecoeu is interested in developing a culturally specific maternity care models including implementing and evaluating innovative culturally specific care interventions that can help to improve the perinatal health disparities in Haitian and other similar populations in the context of rising black maternal mortality and morbidity.

Erica Holland, MD

Dr. Erica Holland research interests include the management of opioid use disorder during pregnancy, pain management during and after childbirth, and ethical issues surrounding the care of pregnant women with substance use disorder.

Katharine Hutchinson, CNM, MPH

Ms. Hutchinson research focuses on women´s access to maternity care and quality of care assessment.

Wendy Kuohung, MD

Dr. Kuohung’s research interests include infections and immune defenses of the placenta; Microbiome of the reproductive tract; Reproductive surgery; In vitro fertilization.

Aviva Lee-Parritz, MD

Dr. Lee-Parritz’s research Diabetes in pregnancy, Cervical incompetence, Surgical complications of pregnancy, Maternal heart disease, Medical complications of pregnancy

Glenn Markenson, MD

Dr. Markenson’s research interests includes preterm labor prediction and prevention, vaccination for pregnant women and improving health outcomes of women in military, both, during active duty and postdemployment.

Julie Mottl-Santiago, CNM MPH

Ms. Mottl-Santiago is interested in the role of Birth Sisters (culturally competent doulas) in improving pregnancy outcomes

Nyia Noel, MD MPH

Dr. Noel research interest’s encompasses Implementation of Prenatal Aspirin for the prevention of health disparities in medical indicated preterm and term deliveries

Elizabeth Patton, MD

Dr. Patton research interest is primarily in shared decision making in reproductive health care

Rebecca B. Perkins, MD, MSc

Dr. Perkins’s primary research program focuses on cervical cancer prevention through HPV vaccination and screening. Additional areas of interest involve improving maternal vaccination and qualitative research among vulnerable women.

Kelley Saia, MD

Dr. Saia research interest entails substance abuse in pregnancy and its treatment and management. She collaborates with neonatologist at BMC to study the use of an extended-release naltrexone as well as a non-pharmacologic care methods to improve neonatal abstinence syndrome outcomes.

Elisabeth Stier, MD

Dr. Stier’s research program encompasses HPV and malignancy risks in HIV positive individuals

Kelly Treder, MD

Dr. Trader research focuses in the impact of internalized racism on reproductive health behaviors and outcomes

Katharine O. White, MD MPH  

Dr. White’s research program focuses on post-partum contraception; New contraceptive technology and contraception decision making, Doula during Surgical Procedure; Women’s preferences for prenatal contraceptive counseling