Current Research

Our research enterprise consists of academic research, clinical trials and research programs. It reflects our core capacities in the following ares:

  • Contraceptive management and Family Planning initiatives;
  • Reduction of pre-term delivery including Centering in pregnancy and Birth Sisters program;
  • Management of drug addiction during pregnancy;
  • Prevention, reduction, and eradication of cervical and anal cancer;

Our faculty are practicing physicians and midwives in these specialties, applying cutting-edge research in their own patient practices. Faculty members from the OBGYN department serve as research mentors for residents, fellows, medical students, as well as masters in science and public health students. We engage students in any appropriate research and quality improvement projects.

Our translational research program, under the leadership of Deborah Anderson, PhD, addresses immunologic aspects of human reproductive health, and is focused on the development of vaccines and topical microbicides for the control of sexually-transmitted pathogens including HIV-1 and contraception